Haunted Places In Noida & Ghaziabad

Got this mail in our inbox yesterday…

“Yo Team, Why You No Write About Bhootiya Places Here? I Know You Got The Keeda To Go Explore”

Thank you, for poking our vella team into action. This was a superb idea for this post and we got cracking ASAP to drill down the places you should not venture into, if you are a diabetic, heart patient, pregnant woman or a plain, vanilla sissy.

Phoenix Shoe Factory

haunted places in Noida Ghaziabad

Aka, iEnergizer, in sector 60, was home to a show factory called Phoenix before it went out in flames one day, killing close to 200 women and children in it’s wake. The factory premises were then occupied by iEnergizer and multiple bone chilling accounts of how women hear children crying in washrooms to their 2nd floor being completely locked as it is believed to be home to spirits have placed iEnergizer on the top of the “haunted places” pedestal.

HCL, N3 Building

haunted places in Noida Ghaziabad

Tons of Ghost Confession pages on Facebook have pointed towards N3, HCL Campus as one of the most terrifying places one can work at. From an employee who saw blood dripping from the ceiling and fled the next day to myriad fragrances emitting in the training room without any source for them, the instances are countless. The management had to place a Sai Baba image at the entrance after rumours started flying thick and fast, but, stories continue to flow unabated.

Noida Expressway

haunted places in noida Ghaziabad

A spate of mysterious accidents on the noida Expressway doomed the way.. Initially, the accidents were considered ordinary and no supernatural explanations were recorded. But there is more to the belief….. mishaps in night reported a beautiful lady crossing the expressway. Drivers tried to stop at once and just passed through the shady figure. And when they looked back, they saw nothing!. Now the officials have marked the place with caution and advice ever driver to be careful.

Hindon River

haunted places in Noida Ghaziabad
No one messes around the banks of Hindon during or after sunset. A series of local tales, speak of  an eerie presence and the locals living around do not want their children to see what they have seen, to experience what they have experienced!

Sec – 62, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology campus

haunted places in noida

Some parts of the campus, no one dares to venture to…. even during day light. Rumours or not, students have complained of noises of screaming and crying during the nights. Some students have even felt someone walking on the side wall.

KC-19, Kavi Nagar
haunted places in noida Ghaziabad

A house which once was home to 2 beautiful families, murdered brutally. Situated in the midst of some of the posh households of Ghaziabad, KC-19, stands out in a sore, creepy manner. The walls still have blood stains of the people who were murdered here and neighbours report sighting 3 children running around in circles at midnight, laughing and playfully giggling with each other. Scary, indeed.

Any more places you think we might have missed out on? Please add on to the comments underneath… We will be coming up with more Haunted Places in Noida & Ghaziabad as soon as we discover them.


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