“Say No To Plastic” Not Just A Slogan, As Noida Authorities Are Giving Free Cotton Bags

Your Instagram must be filled with a bunch of social quotes and slogans. Let’s be practical, posts and stories won’t help. Noida Authority understands this, maybe this is the reason they rather than investing in marketing, they circulated free cloth bags in particular parts of the city.

Vegetable bag

Sector 4’s Harola Market is given the gift of free Cotton Bags. So no more “Bhaiya Ek Polybag Dena”. Noida authority is planning to circulate Cotton Bags in all the markets of Noida. This Step will Surely help in reducing the use of single-use plastic bags.

Even if any shopkeeper is found selling veggies in a plastic bag, they’ll be entitled to pay an amount of INR 5000. We at What’s Up Noida think that no amount is big enough to reimburse the loss to the environment.

We actually don’t need any plastic bags, cause we have Tote Bags. Live the Tote Life and Help your mother earth survive.

By Ishan Sharma


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