Have A Meal In The Sky, 160 Feet High… In Noida! Say What?

In the wake of an avant Garde vibe, having a meal is no longer confined to ‘just eating’… it’s an experience, a journey, a process! The plenteous restaurants opening by the minute, one innovative idea beating the other, the simple act of eating is magnified owing to the ‘X’ factor spiking it. From dining under the stars to dining underwater, the extent to which imagination can stretch, has been tested repeatedly. So, how about a meal in the sky… 160 feet high?

Fly Dining

After giving Bengalureans a ‘high’ of an exceptional gourmet experience, Fly Dining is now in Noida, all set to become Delhi NCR’s next hot spot. Built at a height of 50 meters above the ground, fly dining is an experience of a lifetime. Think a sunset as the backdrop? Selfie junkies, rejoice!

Fly Dining

With a capacity to accommodate 24 people, in addition to 4 staff members, the structure is supported by a crane. The complete Fly Dining structure is suspended by a state-of-the-art, 200-ton telescopic crane, handled safely and professionally by their highly-trained staff.

Fly Dining
  • This awe striking experience comes replete with a host of add ons that will boost the luxury quotient…. and your adrenaline rush!
  • The Non-transparent roof gives shadow and/or to install AC-Fans or Misting Fans (to be pre-arranged at the restaurant in the sky location)
  • Fly Dining is not age-related but height related since there’s a need to be able to secure everyone safely in their seats. Minimum height is therefore 135 cm.
  • As part of the safety precautions, guests are required to wear seatbelts and the serving staff is secured with safety harness around them.
fly dining

Needless to say, good food infused with adventure brings the dullest moments to life! Here’s one for all you dare devils!

Where: Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida

Call: 8448444960


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