Flavours Of India @ The Creative Kitchen, Radisson, Noida

You don’t just come to India to discover India, but perhaps to discover yourself. Ever heard that one? You might have.

Common logic suggests, to tap into the many experiences that let you do exactly that is to walk down a path laden with riveting experiences: culinary delights. So if the way to a man’s heart goes through the stomach, what way might lead to unleashing the marvel called India? How about a rich ensemble of utterly delectable delicacies, coupled with appetizingly good, snacky, filling wholesome dishes?

creative kitchen- food festival

In an age where mouth watering is no longer a term restricted to good ‘khana’ and, in fact, objectifies women in Bollywood item numbers, Radisson Noida brought back the focus where it classically lies; in the mighty craft of the chefs. In an ongoing food festival celebrating Indian cuisine- a cult considering it attracts a lofty following from around the globe- Radisson’s swanky The Creative Kitchen unfurled Flavours of India.

Food Festival- Creative Kitchen

And boy, were we- What’s Up Noida – glad or what that we landed at The Creative Kitchen on August 12, when the Eastern cuisine, often forlorn and somewhat uncelebrated amongst India’s wonderments was out there in full pomp! In its brightly lit comfy atmospherics, The Creative Kitchen rolled up an ace in presenting some staid, laidback charm. Yeah, the one you feel when you stroll past Salt Lake on breezy winter mornings in Calcutta and the moist embrace of Jorhat, that remains ever grateful in accepting the many changing vagaries of life. Be it the deftly Spicy Lentil Soup, the lip-smacking Lauki Chana or the Poppadum’s light binge, The Creative Kitchen- under the aegis of Sr. Sous Chef, Pawan Anand walked a long mile in offering a graceful purview of what lies in ebb of India’s East.

Flavours Of India

You instantly wonder about the above as you tug into some Kolkata styled Mughalai Paratha- not literally stuffed but cushioned by rich tasting cottage cheese whilst you also grapple with some confusion as to what might be had more: the Tomato Fish Curry or Paneer Er Dalna. …For they both taste just as good!

Right when you enter the ever accommodating The Creative Kitchen, located thankfully on the ground floor- so the hungry birds refrain from complaint (pun intended) eclectic vignettes focusing on India’s culture greet you in earnest. Not one but two live counters so that you can chat up all you want whilst you dig into some Live ‘Chaat’ preparation, it’s a heartening break from the mundane we do in life where we the consumers so fashionably turn into eaters.

flavours of india

It is heartening to say the least that be it Sumit Chouhan, a young, ever smiling H.O.T at the Noida asset or the man they refer to as Second in Command- with great affection, Mr. Anand, they stuff you with smiles and not just food alone. Just the kind of perspective that seems to have gone vanishing from glitzy restaurants of today, you wonder! No wonder, they say it is here in the East where the warmth lies. Isn’t it?

Flavours Of India

Care is taken to ensure that the veggies amongst us- the one’s the Roasted Chicken Tikka eaters, wish they’d slit into pieces of moist paneer even as their loosely hanging belly manages to haggle somewhat with realty- don’t go home hungry. The Lauki Chana and Daal as good as it’ll ever be. And it’s something that deserves a multiple serving. The desserts, it could be said, would benefit from some facelift or preparation. Not that the Blueberry Cheesecake lacked the acerbic sweetness or the fresh fruit tart lacked in punch- the Vanilla or Strawberry ice creams- could do well with more freshness, perhaps!

As you begin to fathom how much you’ve tucked in that little belly of yours, you can simply turn back and smile to do what we often do on social media when a meal time is well spent: I had a #Bellygoodtime.


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