Save The Planet! Exchange Old Newspapers for…….Plants!

Have Old Newspapers Lying Around Your House And Don’t Really Know What To Do With Them? Exchange Them For Plants!


newspapers for plants

What do you do with the money you get out of selling paper waste to kabadiwalas? Will you ever think of utilizing that money get home some beautiful, perennial or air purifying plants? But what if someone get these lovely plants at your home against the paper waste? Sudha Kumari, aims at collecting your old newspapers, magazines and notebooks and gives you plants in exchange of them. Amazing isn’t it?
Her initiative will make you save each paper in the house that you think is waste. All those used papers will suddenly have a worth – they are worthy enough to get you an evergreen member at home.

Sudha runs a social enterprise Wasteroots which allows people to exchange their old newspapers and notebooks for potted plants.

newspapers for plants


How Wasteroots came into existence is an inspiring and heartwarming story. Sudha Singh, the woman behind this thoughtful initiative used to work in a typical corporate set-up and worked with hotels before she took a break from her job. During her time away from work, she realized that waste segregation in her locality in Noida (and in the city in general) was problematic. She also felt that there was barely any green cover in Delhi NCR.

Relying on the government to do something about this issue was surely not an option. So, Sudha decided to take the matter into her own hands and take charge. She came up with the idea of providing people with the incentive of plants in exchange for their old newspapers. This idea solves two problems: waste segregation (all the paper goes to a registered recycler) and the lack of greens.

newspapers for plants


In the year 2016, she got Wasteroots, her one-person enterprise, registered. Today, she has helped more than 4,000 people recycle, and gets calls from people across the country inquiring if the exchange facility is available PAN India.

For every 11kg of paper, you get one plant of your choice (they have a list you can choose from). In case pick-up facility is not available in your area, you can always visit their Wasteroots’ exchange store in Noida. The store is also a nursery, so if you love plants you have a variety to choose from.

At the moment, the folks at Wasteroots offer the exchange facility in Noida and areas around only. You can set up an appointment with them (preferably for your locality) and the Wasteroots gardener and collectors will pick-up the paper waste from your doorstep. In return, you’ll get the plant of your preference.




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