Natural Bath & Body products for healthy & beautiful skin with Earthy Tones

Wanting to make some eco friendly changes in 2019 but not sure how to go about it ! Want great looking skin and hair but with natural, vegan products!  If you are as passionate about what you  put on our skin, as I am , you will  make it your mission to curate and use an amazing selection of natural, organic, vegan body care products, that work. Well surprisingly Vegan bath and body products are far more available, than ever before.

Earthy Tones, the brainchild of Shilpa Hak , have introduced India’s first zero waste, 100% natural and vegan products.  Bath time will never be the same and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, no!  We are talking handcrafted artisans soaps, butter and other products, created from scratch, following the three principles of veganism, completely natural and zero waste. Using wholesome ingredients to make homemade vegan body products is a great way to discover the true beauty of naturally clean skin and hair. Not to mention the money you’ll save!

Earthy Tones provide a stunning range of natural bath and body products. Replenish your body with the 100% VEGAN products. Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells with their gorgeous face wash soaps and face masks, moisturize with their Body butters & oils  0063aor refresh your scent with their body deodorants, all of which smell divine and are chemical free, vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. Other products to watch out for are the their hair care range wash your hair with a range of their hair products, including hair shampoo soaps, hair oils, dry shampoo, hair butter and hair colour(herbal powders made in-house to avoid any adulteration) They have also introduced a  range of baby products.

Here, we’ve gathered a few tried and true concoctions from their product line, which are are simply amazing :

Beer Revitalizing Body Bar – The proteins and other nutrients naturally found in beer nourishes and strengthens dry and damaged hair, restoring it to its natural crowning glory !

Charcoal and tea tree soap – A combination of charcoal and tea tree does wonders to treat acne. It helps absorb toxin on your skin and gives it a fab glow!

 Peachy mango body butter – Moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin, makes it more gentle and pleasant to touch, returns elasticity and beauty. The butter smoothes wrinkles, prevents dryness and premature aging. Not to mention it leaves you smelling divine!

 Pigmentation face pack – Use this mask to exfoliate, soothe, remove toxins, face acne, pigmentation, scar marks, for a radiant complexion.  

 Vrinda hair oil – Namedafter the goddess Radha, whose beautiful hair was immortalized by poet Beni – ‘ Kahe Kavi Beni, Beni Byal ki Churayi Lini’. This hair oil promotes hair growth, arrests hair fall and eliminates problems like itchy scalp, dandruff and frizzy hair. Because every girl deserves the kind of hair that can inspire poets!

Moreover, the packaging they use for their products is zero waste, again. The cloth used for the soap bags is procured from local tailors who otherwise throw the scraps away, and the same cloth is made into bags for soap. The body butter, deodorants and face packs are packaged in glass jars which can be returned to them to get discount on next purchase, or appropriately recycled or up-cycled!

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