Stylish Winter Shawls & Stoles To Keep You Warm

With the chilly winter almost upon us, we’re all hurrying to buy garments to keep us warm. If you’re one of the few who love shawls, scarves and stoles, you’re in for a treat. We bring you the best stores for shawls and stoles in Noida this winter:


Shawl Stores In Noida

Very well known all around the country as one of the top manufacturers of shawls and stoles, you will find a very good variety of the products, with great quality and designs.

Where: DLF Mall Of India, 2nd Floor, Noida

Call: 01202446277


Krishni Exports

Shawl Stores In Noida

Krishni Exports is a well known manufacture and exporter of designer wrap around, silk wrap around, pashmina shawls, embroidered shawls, woollen shawls and much more.

Where: E-167, Noida, Budaun Road, E Block, Sector-63, Hazratpur Wajipur, Uttar Pradesh

Call: 08802621669, 01204228944

Ornate Fashions

Shawl Stores In Noida

With one of the first ones open in Mumbai, Ornate Fashions has come to Noida as well. Ornate Fashions specializes in creative designer shawls and scarves, and development and supply of fashion accessories all over the world.

Where: Noida Road, Block C, Sector-85, Noida

Call: 9811152499 


Razo Stores

Shawl Stores In Noida

One of the biggest online stores for shawls, scarves and stoles, Razo Stores is situated in Noida. It specializes in the manufacture of beautiful silk viscose scarves, silk stoles, rayon cotton scarves and much more.

Where: Sector-26, Noida

Call: 07011299007


Aryodeep Exports

Shawl Stores In Noida

Aryodeep Exports is one of the few manufacturing companies which provides you with superior quality pashmina shawls. Their designs and quality are impeccable, as well as truly beautiful.

Where: House number A-208, Nithari Marg, A-Block, Sector-31, Noida

Call: 9911067346


Shaw Brothers

Shawl Stores In Noida

Shaw Brothers is the largest producer of Kashmiri fabrics and textiles in the country. They excel in strong commitment to quality, authenticity and purity and provide brilliant designer shawls at great prices.

Where: Shop number 1 and 2, Centre Stage Mall, Sector-18, Noida

Call: 01202512882



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