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Experience Asia In Noida’s Godavari Market Only At Asia Fun

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September 27, 2019

Asian Fun is in the heart of the Noida, Godavari Market. This market has a special fanbase in the eyes of Amitians. Asian Fun is the desired place if you looking for some drool-worthy and lip-smacking momos. The moment you enter this place you will surely get some “south Delhi” feels with its Menu. 

Quench Your Thirst With Some Of The Funkiest Drinks And Shakes

Noidawale doesn’t miss any opportunity to have Oreo Shakes. If you are a “Shake Head” then add this place in your To-Do Checklist. Not only shakes this place also do offer some coolest Mocktails and aesthetic Ice Tea’s. Our Recommendation is Blue Lagoon Fizz and Lemon Ice Tea. That also on BOGO>

The Crisperz Is Not Just Any Fried Momo, But A Fried Delicacy To Enjoy

The Crisperz sounded like fried momos which we get at every stall but hell no. The Crisperz was an absolute beaut when it comes to texture, lip-smacking when talking about its flavors.

When In Asian Fun Never Say No To Momos! 

This place actually expertise in Momos or as the non-Delhiites like to call “DIMSUMS” You must have had Steamed, Crispy Fried Momos but have you ever tried Tandoori Gravy Momos. These Tandoori Gravy momos had a blast of tandoor flavors in its very first bite. The juicy chicken tempts you to end the plate of momos ASAP! 

Not just Tandoori Momos, Every North Indian dish has Momo version at this place like Afghani Momos (Don’t miss out on this chic). Butter Chicken momos (triggering every Punjabi in the town), Roganjosh Momos. 

When In China Love Your Wok! 

After researching the 8-page long Menu our eyes went out for Peri-Peri momos. The way the chef tossed this baby in the wok, We were already astonished, The momos came out perfectly hot and pipping. 

Pizza Fan? Momos Fan? Can’t Choose? Check Out This Amazing PIZZA + MOMOS = MOZZA

No one could have thought of creating a pizza on the base of momos, Asian Fun don’t miss any such fun ideas. These Pizza Momos are absolutely drool-worthy and Instagrammable. If you are mix-cuisine lover this dish is your thing.

For The First Time In Noida Try 15+ Different Variants Of Momos.

Can’t choose between two different types of momo. The problem increases as Asian fun offers freakin 15+ varities, grab your spoon-folk and binge on these gorge momos.

All This Without Burning A Hole In Pocket

All these dishes are not too costly, all of this culinary experience at such a small amount. Not just Healthy prices Asian Fun has currently this offer going on wherein you get a free drink with every order. Say What Noida? 

Where-  Shop No.14, Godavari Complex, Sector 37, Noida

Call- 09717979118




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