Hey Foodies! Sector 93 Noida Is Calling You Up To Try The Ultimate Food Truck Culinary Pleasure

Yes, Food Trucks in Noida exist, we are not talking about that Chinese Food Vans, Real food trucks where you can eat the different cuisines. You must have seen food trucks on FoxLife, but now it’s in India and what place could be better than Noida.

These small eateries are very famous among the youth of Noida. If you wish to eat some Nice Taco’s, Tandoori Momos and Succulent Tikkas do give a visit to La Canteena opposite ATS Village. This Truck is serving all the comfort food, anyone wants to have.

A Mexican Food truck will fill your hunger but surely not your urge to eat more. This Food Truck market is also not heavy as you can have some of the coolest shakes and spiciest Peri-Peri fries at Thyme Pass Food. These Peri-Peri fries will cost just INR 20/-, Yes you’ve heard it right just INR 20.

You can also try more food trucks like Gofoku, Sherrif 56, Oh Bouy and Food Fix. 

So grab your hunger and keys, cause this place is waiting for you.

By Ishan Sharma


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An Aspiring journalist who wishes to write down the world through his Pen, Food and Travel are the two things which my Life Depends on


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