Avoid These Worst Traffic Choke Points in Noida and Ghaziabad

There is nothing in the world as pissing off as a traffic choke situation. Not only is being stuck in traffic a massive waste of time and energy but these have been scientifically proven to aggravate people even leading to higher blood pressure in some situations. What can one do in such situations you ask? Well, be better prepared and avoiding traffic choke points with better understanding seems like a viable solution.

Sounds interesting? Well, read on as we list down for you readers the worst traffic choke points in Noida and Ghaziabad so you know which routes to avoid while stepping outside home.

Mahamaya Flyover- Anyone living in the city will tell you that going to Delhi via the Sarita Vihar and Kalindi Kunj route is a huge challenge. Sometimes it takes hours for people to cross the flyover as the crowd from nearby educational institutions, corporate offices and people heading towards the Mohan Cooperative area make it a crowded affair. If you should cross through the Mahamaya Flyover we suggest you to either leave early morning or take the journey between 3 PM to 5 PM as the flyover is least crowded during these hours.

Mahamaya Flyover

NIB Crossing Near Sector 62- This is one of the only known roads that falls on the border of Noida and Ghaziabad and takes you to the industrial and residential areas of Indirapuram. Companies and offices located in Sector 55 to Sector 62, nearby colleges and its crowd are some of the reasons of constant traffic on this route. The crossing is jam packed after 8 AM in the morning and is a menace in the evening. We suggest you avoid the route altogether in working days and if you must, take this route during afternoons or late nights.

Sector 12-22-56 Crossing– Fewer traffic signals and shabby management on the part of police authorities make Sector 12-22-56 crossing in the city a massive traffic choke point. The reasons, well the crowd heading from Delhi and Noida to Ghaziabad comes through this route. Additionally, buses from Rajnigandha Chowk follow this route and the crowded Industrial area from sector 56 upwards adds to the chaos on the roads.

Botanical Garden Metro Noida

Sector 14A Entry Point- Despite traffic lights and police authorities being present here sector 14 An entry point to Noida is always congested as the crowd heading from Mayur Vihar, Akshardham and Central Delhi area take this route to head to the city and Greater Noida. Also, the entry points to sector-18 market in the city, Mall of India presence (now), straight route to Greater Noida are some of the other reasons for traffic in this route. The best way to avoid traffic on this route is to leave for it early morning and strictly avoid from 8 AM-11 AM.

Noida Entry Gate

Botanical Garden Metro Station- Situated in sector-37, the area surrounding Botanical Garden Metro Station is a world on its own, to say the least as there is just too much happening on the roads here. Firstly, there are too many U-turns in the area, secondly, the bus stand makes the road more congested and to add to that there are enough e-rickshaws, autos, and cabs heading to Greater Noida route/ Mahamaya Flyover to add more confusion on the roads that leads to terrible traffic at times here.

Noida City Center Crossing- Noida City Center crossing is another unavoidable traffic zone in the city. Since the Noida City Center is the last metro station, the car parking zone here makes the crossing more crowded than it should be. Not helping is the crowd that comes to enjoy movies at the newly built Logix City Center and the one using the route to head towards Ghaziabad. Also, the nearby areas of crossing are mostly under construction for a variety of ineffable reasons, causing lesser space and more traffic on the road.

Noida TrafficSector 15 Noida Intersection Near Indian Oil Building- Sector 15 Intersection in Noida is also an always traffic zone owning to the nearby corporate area in sector 1, 2, 3 and others. Another reason for traffic at the intersection is that the roads leading up to here i.e. from New Ashok Nagar or Noida Sector 16 Metro station upwards are already too crowded by a billion roadside Dhaba joints, e-rickshaws, vegetable sellers and liquor joints that add to constant rush on the roads even at wee hours.

So, in our opinion, these were a few of the most crowded traffic choke points in the city. If you think we missed some, share with us in the comments below.


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