Devdeep Tyagi

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Walls and vast open spaces. Rajasthan and Germany. Iced Tea and Toothpicks. Silence and unsungness. Trying but never giving up. Driving quick but never needlessly speeding up....

February 5, 2018

Devdeep Tyagi

In The Mood For Something Saucy?

Nothing drives us quite like hunger. And any time is a good time to ring in something flavourful and yummy. Isn’t it? But at a time where high-end restaurants and posh eateries are mushrooming in your city akin to a beehive in a wild forest, what’s the respite from this order of the day? Where’s […]

August 11, 2017

Devdeep Tyagi

Flavours Of India @ The Creative Kitchen, Radisson, Noida

You don’t just come to India to discover India, but perhaps to discover yourself. Ever heard that one? You might have. Common logic suggests, to tap into the many experiences that let you do exactly that is to walk down a path laden with riveting experiences: culinary delights. So if the way to a man’s […]

February 13, 2017

Devdeep Tyagi

Has Noida sadly become an underdog all thanks to Delhi and Gurgaon today?

We have been continuously avoiding an important question! And for reasons, best known to none. One feels, there exists a very one-sided, vague idea about Noida, an important cluster of Delhi NCR that can’t be hidden anymore.   All around India and most strangely, even across Delhi NCR, this city is spoken about. And, on […]