No Shady Business – Cashify Will Buy Your Used Phones Without Any Hassle

Congratulations! For India is the third largest mobile devices market in the world, and you have also contributed to it being so! We are quick to buy smart phones and quicker to upgrade them to the ‘smartest’ one on the block. Is your old unused phone sitting pretty in your bedside drawer? Further to that do you want to get rid of your spare phone, but are skeptical of unknown and strange strangers calling you at strange hours with strange queries? Afterall, its every now and then that we get to hear stories of people having been at the receiving end of harassing by either past buyers of their goods or just random people (and believe us when we say that our country has a one too many) who got access to their contact info through certain classified platforms which throw the seller’s contact details out in the public.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness and no access to convenient and safe services, when we upgrade to ‘smarter’ phones, we just do not know what to do with the old ones. Cashify is a God Sent saviour, in every which way.



CashifyHassle Out, Haggle Out Cash in!

Cashify is Re-commerce at its very best! It provides a consistent, controlled and curated selling experience which was missing until now. It directly buys or facilitates the purchase of used gadgets from consumers. Not only is it remarkably fast and incredibly hassle free to sell cell phones on Cashify, it has totally turned around the experience of selling old phones by providing an experience which is refreshingly different and certainly more secure hence trustworthy than what we’ve been offered thus far. 


Till now, one had no choice than options such as trading the phone to an offline dealer for an inconsistent price or certain other online portals like OLX etc., wherein one had to list ones product and wait for long for a seller (one that rarely came, wasn’t genuine even if he did, or started harassing later on some pretext or the other). Cashify, with its transparent and fool proof approach, has made selling phones as easy, fast and reliable as it could get. This is because Cashify buys phones directly as opposed to classified portals like OLX, Quickr etc. which just make buyers meet prospective sellers. More often than not, these so called buyers are interested in everything about you but your phone. There have been instances wherein people (especially females) have been stalked by elements who just guise themselves to be potential customers. In certain other cases, the buyers buy the device after much haggling and continue to leech you even after the device is sold to them, on the pretext that “it isn’t working”.


All in all, the experience with other portals is not just cumbersome and time consuming in the first place, having to wait endlessly for an ‘interested’ customer (just the way matrimonial sites expect you to wait for Prince Charming!), but also frustrating and high risk, because of one’s personal details being thrown open to absolute strangers.

The Cashify app/platform comes to your rescue and HOW! Specially if you are planning to sell your old smartphones. It allows an assured sale service and uses its simple tests to judge the condition of your gadget. Once you meet the criteria, the Cashify calculator decides the price basis details shared. If the user is satisfied with the price and gives his consent to sell, the device is picked up within 24 to 48 hours from their address. The app also gives an option of instant cash payment making it exceptionally convenient and secure. That’s not it. The executive who comes to you can even help you migrate your data to your computer or a hard disk provided by you. Yes, we know it’s too good to sound real, but Cashify actually has a provision to back up all your data, that too for free!

All of the above make the whole transaction not just the fastest but also the safest and most seamless that it can be.

Why Choose Cashify Over Other Platforms?

This trailblazer of a concept is unique and innovative as it offers several advantages such as value, speed, convenience, transparency and less risk.

Value: From finding your device’s best price to selling it, the Cashify app helps sell your used handset in all of 60 seconds….yes it’s that easy.

Convenience: You get to sell you used phone from the comfort of your home. What’s best is that having the device collected is also Cashify’s headache and not yours. The money is also ‘home delivered’ or sent via your preferred mode of payment. Cashify actually bears all the toil for you.

Speed: Cashify lives true to its name. Once you give your consent to sell your phone, you are ‘cashified’ within no time.

Risk Free: Cashify makes sure all your data is wiped out before the representative leaves with your device. Also, because there is nobody between you and Cashify, there are no follow up calls to be made to interested customers or no receiving calls from the ‘supposedly’ interested lot who are more interested in you than your phone. There’s no information out in the open waiting to be used by someone. Cashify makes your life a tad easier, owing to zero direct contact between the buyer and the seller, saving you a zillion phone calls or harassment by the buyers

Stress Free: No more the hassle of posting ads, waiting for buyers or undergoing the stresses of haggling with the buyer. Cashify takes all of your selling woes, making the process superlatively simple.

If all this seems too good to be true, try it out for yourself and we know you will thank us later!

To add to an already enticing experience, here’s another one.

Use the Promo code “WHATSUP” and get INR 200 over and above the calculated price of your device. 


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