Nijay Nair: Rising above the odds and leaving an imprint of wisdom & courage

We all lead extremely busy and chaotic lives. Our lives are fast becoming like that jazzy PowerPoint template where the number of words on a slide represents our pictures at the backdrop of the images, that seem to devoid of us life’s simple pleasures.

One the one hand there is a lasting pressure of making ends meet and looking after the ever loving family that has looked after us so very well. On the other, there are professional goals to be met, challenges to be countered and often in the unprecedented overshadowing of one’s time that gets sloshed by only official deadlines, there hardly is ever any time left to meet personal goals, desires and wants.

Now imagine the above in the light of a situation where you, being at the peak of your youth and at an amazingly satisfying professional career stage where with tremendous hard-work, effort and determination you created a name for yourself, and measured every want of your family as being important over your own wants. And despite of a seemingly selfless existence and one that was meant for collective pursuit of family and career aspirations, you met with a health problem, the severity of which simply backtracked you and put you into a shudder of doubt and worry, would you be able to deal with it?

The above holds fascinating truth to the life journey of one charming Keralite, who settled in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Here, he was pursuing a rewarding professional journey, whose combined aims were to fetch meaning and glory for others who looked up to him as their role model and one whose family was as central to his existence as his own breath.

Nijay Nair, 36, young, daring, courageous, father to two, loving husband to a doting wife, rock fan and bike enthusiast is a little more than the sum of the herculean health problem that he successfully outwitted, against all odds.

What is special about this lovely young lad with an inspiring journey

Nijay Nair is a hard taskmaster. He is a toughie, one working with a leading communications consulting organization in the creative heartland of a forever moving Mumbai, where one has less time to waste and all the time in the world to focus on immediate career goals. Young Nijay has lead a meaningful and often, challenging life. The only son of adorable well-settled Keralite parents, Nijay went to the United States with all the support and encouragement of his loving mother and father to pursue his goal of film-making. Yet, he dumped it completely and suddenly and only emerged much stronger with an MBA from a reputed business school in the United States. Those hard earned grades and challenging days and nights where he worked in Pizza parlors and ticketing agencies to fend for himself after dumping his own cherished goal did little to please him. What he was to do in his life ahead of him would totally surprise himself and would leave his well wishers and critics, if he has ever had any of the man’s true grit.


Being a Specialist at being a Generalist

A man who is well focused to the minute details of his life, one who has passionately surged ahead despite problems at hand, came back to India from an academically successful stint in the US of A way back at the end of 2004.

Dazed and confused he went ahead at realizing that his true passion was to be bloody good at what he did. He believes in the philosophy of being good with diverse set of challenges and duties a management leader is expected to deliver in a mega organization.

Since then, he has held many important and hugely challenging roles from the leader’s stable at many firms with diverse expertise including I.T, Logistics and Supply Chain and Consulting. To this point of his life where Nijay, 36, is doing what he does best, giving leadership guidance to an important communications consulting organization is nothing as compared to the severity of the jolt he suffered a few years back.

A heart problem at 33

At the peak of his personal fitness, at 33, Nijay Nair, who to this very day jogs unfailingly for 6 kilometers every single day, despite rolling up a hard day’s work at a top notch Mumbai based organization had encountered a heart problem back in 2011. It was a Sunday afternoon where upon returning from a birthday duo, an event Nijay enjoyed in the company of his loving wife Bhumika, that he first felt some discomfort around his heart.

This did little to dissuade the gusty Mumbaikar to jog for straight 8 kilometers the same evening. During the final stages of his marathon exercise regimen, something this ‘big brother’ figure to many advices his youngsters to follow no matter what, Nijay’s pain in the heart region increased. It was only during the wee hours of the Monday morning that Nijay upon checking an unusually high pulse got himself admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit of Lilavati Hospital. They told him that one of the branches around the heart had been completely ruptured. Nijay had to get a stent inserted to his heart at the young age of 33.

nijay nairFacing Life’s challenges bravely

Being truly shaken and completely jolted, Nijay soon realized that years of smoking did him in or very nearly. To this day, he does not know what smoking is or what it means to smoke. Encountering such a nervy problem right at that point of his life when everything was going well for him, did little do shake Nijay completely. He went from strength to strength and managed to muster enough courage from the rush of blood in his veins to the dash of confidence in his customary handling of challenges in a life, where he has been stranger to none.

Nijay made audacious changes to his lifestyle and ever since that fateful day that occurred unceremoniously 4 years back, has been following a painfully correct tedium of a healthy but non maddening health regimen. He eats nicely and eats healthily, never in extension of his dietary demands, nor ever succumbing to the lust of eating sweets unmindfully.

The man who lovingly plays with newborn son Agneya and beautiful daughter Tanishka, has effectively sorted challenges of his life prioritizing what’s important over that which can be done at a later stage. With loving support from an ever caring wife Bhumika, Nijay has made exercise a regular feature of his life, something he handles with elan as those intellectually stimulating power points he prepares in a bid to help his organization further its goals. And, at the same time, his love for heavy metal Rock Band Rosetta continues to enchant him as much as his passion for his superbikes: Harley Davidson and the beastly Moto Guzzi California.

Giving time to others and taking their problems as his own

Intelligent people, they say are always on the lookout for some source of inspiration. Nijay Nair, has effectively constructed a stellar resume working with some leading national and multi-national organizations in a career that has spanned over a decade and promises to live up to its potential for years to come.

Perhaps, Nijay would want to surely separate from his temper for good which he himself realizes as being unavoidable. Never a fan of irrational exuberance in life, Nijay might also help himself a great deal by being less of a workaholic that often imposes on his checkered life -long exhausting hours of work.

Despite all these problems, Nijay has emerged on top of his own health concern and his professional challenges, turning obstacles into milestones deploying patience over irrationality and rigor over escapism.

He always has time to help his able youngster at work and fellow entrepreneurial friends, many of whose businesses, he has helped with a great creative advice. His critics personally feel, he should devote more time to work on the budding writer that Mr. Nair has subdued within himself and that his own well fought experiences in life would help write a winning, motivating script for others who he can inspire putting his own battle with the heart condition as a leading example of how not to bow down to such grave problems.

Nijay Nair, curious as a monk seeking Nirvana, and eager to learn often from his own undoings and the life of others from which he has learnt, such as Field Marshal Erwin Rommel from Germany, is not only a successful family man and a loving dad but a creativist if there is a term like that who believes in defeating life’s challenges with skill and great courage. Chivalry, after all isn’t dead.


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