Ultimate Driving Rush: Play Air Hockey While Sitting In A Car!

An on-ground video game? No! This one was for real. An exciting, unique, and None of a Kind experience is how the frenzied onlookers described what they got to witness recently. Taking test drive experience a step further, NEXA organized an innovative ‘Drive Challenge’, that urged people to play Air Hockey, while sitting in the car, rather, driving it.

nexa ignis

Besides the unconventional IGNIS test drive challenge, the event had an Air hockey setup. Lo and behold! The ‘pushers’ in the game were, believe it or not, two IGNIS compact cars. A unique initiative, this event was an attempt to get people to test drive the ‘Ignis’, whilst engaging them to get a real feel of the car’s very many elements; acceleration, throttle response, braking abilities and the ease of using the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology.
Nexa Ignis
Two brand new, swanky IGNIS cars were stationed in tracks which were strategically positioned in front of the screen. Motion sensors were placed on both cars to showcase the gameplay. To avoid any mishaps, safety measures were well in place, and the tracks were further segregated with airbag like balloons to keep participants from crashing the car.
Experiencing the car and the joy of Air Hockey, this double delight will be remembered for a long time.

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