Old is Gold!….Fashion Says So!

‘Fashion is the ultimate Copy-Cat!’ So be careful the next time you nastily say; That’s quite ‘old’- fashioned. You might not even be aware of how many current fashion trends you flaunt have been borrowed from the past. Don’t believe it? Let’s start unfolding.

Ballet Flats


How soon did flat ballets become a wardrobe-staple, hard to decipher! They go so well with dresses to casual outfits, they surely deserve the status. Want to trace its history? Chuck 90s, ballet flats have been in use since the 16th century. They were only ousted from the fashion world with the entry of high heels and are back in fashion like never before.

Turtle Neck

fashion trends from the past

Unsurprisingly, Turtle neck was used by Knights in history as a form of protective wear. Around 19th century it got accepted more liberally as a style to be included in fashion wear. I wonder how remarkable would have been the journey of Turtle neck- from rugged war outfit to a form of ultimate sophistication!

Flared Pants

fashion trends

Flared pants are back in fashion with a bang! From high waist Palazzos to flared denim, and let’s not forget ethnic flared bottoms – they were clearly the trend of the 1970s. Remember the old videos of rock bands performing with a guitar, exhibiting the flares from knee to ankle?! It keeps on resurfacing because of its visually appealing shape and definitely the way it balances bodies with a wider torso.


fashion trends

Chokers are so much so in the fashion that even clothes in fashion underwent changes accordingly to suit chokers! From classic and casual black to a statement choker, embroidered to studded, western to ethnic: Goth-originated chokers have innumerable renditions.  Prevalent in the 1970s, stars like Britney Spears rocked and popularized chokers. Even popular jewelry brands have showcased it on their runways.

Dark and bold lip colors

fashion trends

Lip colours are an expression of a woman’s aspirations and emotions! Bold and dark lipsticks- from wine to even black are so ubiquitous at all cosmetic stores. Brands from Lakme to M.A.C. and Bobbie Brown, have launched more than ever glamorous bold colors. This trend of bold lipsticks is a thing from the 70s, yet again.

 Lennon glasses

fashion trends

Sunglasses aren’t simply an accessory or a need. Rather, they have become a statement accessory. The era of the 2000s has seen the most experiments with sunglasses- oversized, cat-eye, square, bug eyed, round, Lennon, rimless, wayfarers, wrap-around; phew, probably all possible styles explored!   Most of these are a fashion of the 90s. Like the Lennon sunglasses being rocked by our celebrities is a thing of past. Wrap-around and the ever-green aviators are not to be missed out.

¾ th sleeves of blouses

fashion trends

Remember Madhubala and Meena Kumari sporting ¾ th sleeve blouses in the movies of 60s? 50 years ahead and this style is ruling all ethnic wears – suit, Kurtis, and blouses again. Currently trending in a combination with a boat neck, this style hasn’t yet run out of fashion.

Crop tops

fashion trends

From crop top with denim to crop top with ethnic skirts, crop tops are the most decadent style of the decade undoubtedly.  Made popular in 90s by singers like Christina Aguilera, crop tops definitely are the chicest thing in fashion today.

Midi skirts

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The length of women’s skirts has a long trail of history behind it- from moral to demographical and comfort. The graceful midi-skirts first came around in the 1940s. It is in vogue again with a myriad of styles ranging from flared, straight to pencil skirts.

Nerdy glasses

fashion trends

Nerdy glasses have made a major come back this year. Entire perception of nerdy glasses has been altered. From being a representative of a studious personality to being the chicest accessory, nerdy glasses sure have come a long way! The classic black framed nerdy glass is a never ending sass.


fashion trends

It’s not acceptable if you say you didn’t wear a dungaree growing up! But that sure would have been loose and long. Well, now dungarees have undergone significant metamorphosis. From mini to midi length and cut-out to flare- dungarees are back in fashion.

Anything and everything Denim!

fashion trends

Denim might be hot all of a sudden, but it’s in existence since the 1850s. Though Denim tops and bottoms-separately, are a wardrobe staple, everything denim has pulled off in the fashion world really well. Denim shirts with denim pants, denim jackets with denim skirts, such experiments are running quite successfully as of now.

Doesn’t it seem like all your fashion trends have been borrowed from the past? Well, ‘copy-cat’, remember?




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