Let’s paint the wall blue for Leicester – The new Football EPL Champions

How many times do Underdogs really make it to the top in the 21st century very few times , having said that EPL has a new winner. calls it “The greatest underdog story of all time – Leicester are bloody champions!”, The guardian states “Leicester City and the greatest underdog story ever told: a primer for Americans” and finally euro sports headlines it as “Leicester City’s Premier League title win: The greatest underdog story of all”. The word Underdog used back to back tells us, wow this story needs to be told. Well as we have Bollywood mantra for a good movie , this seems just like one of the Hollywood mantras coming true, the good old Underdog story that everyone loves to be in, be it Tom hanks in Forest Gump to Ben stiller in life of Walter mitty , we often see , meet , greet , ignore , run-over or even poke fun at underdogs.


Leicester happens to be truly underdogs so much so that little Leicester, from the English provinces, with their genial old Italian coach Claudio Ranieri, and their motley crew of rejects, unknowns and never-weres. Twelve months ago they were certainties for relegation; now they’re seven points clear with three games to go. It’s so improbable that people are using the M-word. Gianluca Festa, a former player of Ranieri’s, is in no doubt. “If you want it truly, and are prepared to work for it, then miracles can happen.”Ranieri announces on his first media engagement: after the match”Since I left Chelsea I have dreamt of another chance to work in the best league in the world again. I wish to thank the owner, his son and all the executives of the club for the opportunity they are giving me. Now I’ve only one way for returning their trust: squeeze all my energies to getting the best results for the team.”


In addition, the Premier League is ruthlessly capitalist. Teams that finish poorly don’t get the first pick of promising young players, but are instead severely punished with relegation (more on that in the next paragraph). There are no salary caps. The teams with the most money buy up the best players, and those that win trophies and enter elite competitions like the Champions League get huge cash prizes, and attract even more top players, perpetuating the cycle of inequality. Top teams also have the best trainers, the best physios, the best facilities, the best talent scouts. There is a huge disparity in resources and quality between the top teams and the bottom ones, and no real mechanisms to even things up. The same teams almost always finish in the top 4. From 1992-2015, only five teams won the Premier League. The last time a team won the league without having won it before was 38 years ago.Which means to say that other than these five the chances for other teams to win EPL are extremely slim , but Leicester  has done it , this story really puts two things back into perspective hard work always pays and never quit and in football the ball keeps rolling.


This win sure makes all of us happy and the good old Leicester city Forever LCFC rings a rhyme

Jamie Vardy wanted the ball,

Jamie Vardy got it,

all the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t stop Vardy from scoring again.

(repeat until bored)


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