7 Destinations close to nature for the traveller in his 60’s

60’s is generally looked upon to be that golden phase in your life when you are relieved from most of the responsibilities in life and it’s time you enjoy your post-retirement life to the fullest and what better than travelling to some of the most scenic natural destinations in India and unwinding yourself there with your family and friends. These ten locations are surely not going to disappoint you:


natural destinations in India

Ooty is one of the most blessed natural wonders which India has. There is no perfect time to visit Ooty as the weather is soothing all-round the year. If you are the one who loves to move around and explore places or someone who just enjoys sitting on a rocking chair watching time pass by then the beautiful roads and hills of Ooty await your presence.


natural destinations in India

Wayand is regarded to be as the perfect place where you can unwind yourself. Located in Kerala, it is one of the most amazing place you would love to be at if you love natural trails and treks. There are a couple of waterfalls here which serve as the best picnic spot if you are going with your family or friends.


natural destinations in India

Kashmir, also known as “Heaven on Earth” is famous all over for its natural and divine beauty which speaks volumes about this lovely place. If you wish to get some out of the world experiences then a boat ride in the blue waters of Dal Lake and picturesque views of Pahalgam and Sonmarg are surely going to make you go crazy.


natural destinations in India

Lakshwadeep which is located in the southern coast of India is going to give you all the isolation which you have been longing for all this while. The pristine archipelago lagoons, the warm waters and the unspoilt beauty of the coral reefs is nothing less than a heaven for people who visit Lakshwadeep.


natural destinations in India

Also known as the “ Princess of Hill Stations”, Kodaikanal is a misty destination which is surrounded by hills and trees which are going to fit into your perfect sense of natural imagination. The green hills has been attracting a lot of tourists over the years and the calmness that beholds this place is unimaginable.


natural destinations in India

Gokarna has a wealth of legends associated with it and the unexpected calm beaches of Gokarna awaits you. The beach views that are offered here in Gokarana is surely going to take away all your worries. There are a lot of temples here too for you to visit.


natural destinations in India

Allepey is a quaint village which lies on the backwaters of Kerala. The rich green vegetation and the cool breeze that surrounds Allepey are the perfect offset break that you might have been longing for all this while. A chance rain and your trip would be nothing more than an icing on the cake.

Hurry Up! Pack your bags and you are definitely going to enjoy the best of your time at any one of these places.


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