Allahabad and Shimla to get new names!

What’s in a name, asked Shakespeare! Everything, I say!

Gurgaon – Gurugram

Bangalore – Bengaluru

Baroda – Vadodara

Trivandrum – Thiruvananthapuram

Bombay – Mumbai

Madras – Chennai

Cochin – Kochi

Calcutta – Kolkata

Pondicherry – Puducherry and the list goes on…..

Adding to the list are Allahabad and Shimla.  Yogi Adityanath Government announced the change of name for Allahabad… to Prayagraj, a move opposed by the opposition parties in the state.

name change

“Keeping in view the feelings and emotions of the people, Allahabad has been renamed Prayagraj by our government. Five hundred years ago the name of the place was Prayagraj as it is at the `Triveni Sangam’ (a confluence of three rivers),” Adityanath said later in Gorakhpur.

Following the proposal, there were polarised opinions on it, with Twitter being flooded with them. From A civil service aspirant changing his last name to ‘Illahabadi’ to online petitions against it….. reactions have been pouring in. A city’s essence is it’s….firstly , name.

Reacting to the opposition, minister Siddharth Nath Singh said, “Prayagraj is a name which was there for a long time. But almost 500 years ago, someone changed the name. You have been given a name by your parents. Imagine if that name is changed how will you feel?” I can’t answer that, sir, but a name is an identity and we have known only Allahabad.

name change

Just when we  were in the process of sinking that one….. strike two! The Himachal Pradesh government is considering renaming state capital Shimla to Shyamala, a demand made by right-wing Hindu groups as part of efforts to remove “symbols of British rule” .

“Before the British arrived, Shimla was known as Shyamala. My government will seek public opinion on the demand for its renaming,” chief minister Jai Ram Thakur said.

Apparently, 31 more cities are going to face it soon, if sources are to be believed….

Well, I can only add that I’m still having a hard time accepting the changes already made…. A name is the essence… Allahabad as we know it, holds the charm, a lot of it attributed to it’s name…. Shimla, the town that holds memories for almost 70 percent of the population… For me, they remain as they are!

Are you for it?




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