Movie Preview: Dhanak, hitting movie theaters June 17. Why you must watch it.

There’s only a handful of filmmakers left in the vivid landscape of Bollywood who can be truly hailed as ‘story-tellers’. Of this rare lot, Nagesh Kukunoor is a cherished name. He has amazed us with his heart-wrenching ‘Iqbal’, impressed us with ‘Aashayein’ and tingled a chord of nostalgia through his ephemeral school saga, “Rockford”.

What makes Nagesh Kukunoor a fantastic story teller?

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Nagesh Kukunoon’s stories often marvel at life defining virtues of courage, hope, the power of belief and resonate a sense of freshness in story telling that is fast becoming an arduous skill against which regular Hindi movies are analyzed. He’s a deeply passionate narrator and his attempts to seep into audience’s heart, more often than not, triumph with a winning tale that showcases vibrant human emotions.

An already acclaimed film


His latest flick, “Dhanak”, literally translating into Rainbow, has already bagged “The Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury for best feature-length film” at the Berlin International Film Festival and has gathered a buzz among the movie going audiences for what seems to be a heart-wrenching drama as evocatively played out in those quick-bit trailers.

At the moment, several channels have aired the memorable sufi hit song, “Dum a dum mast kalandar”, a refreshing new take of which is featured in Kukunoor’s upcoming drama set out in the desert fortress of India: Rajasthan.

So why should you go spend two hours of your leisure time in watching this movie


Dhanak is a movinching this exciting new flick?g, heart-wrenching story about two siblings, a girl and her younger brother who cannot see but despite the shortcoming, lacks no enthusiasm to enjoy every moment of life. The young duo set upon a magical sojourn across Rajasthan in the hope that the only person that can perhaps help the 8 year old boy regain his eyesight is none other than Shah Rukh Khan, who’s believed to be shooting in some corner of the desert oasis. Undeterred and unshaken by the many miles that lie between her and her destination, the young girl is determined to reach her milestone in order to give her brother his greatest gift ever before his ninth birthday.

MTV Roadies’ Raghu Ram is also playing a crucial role in the film evocatively decorated by vibrant music, purposeful acting and strengthened by a clarity in purpose.

What lies at the heart of Dhanak


A simple, honest story lies at the heart of Dhanak. It is believed to be a movie that will make people rethink about hope and in the power of dreams. One wonders if there can be a better plot than having the rustic charm of Rajasthan at the heart of a movie, previously successfully plotted by the genius Kukunoor in 2007’s highly acclaimed, “Dor”.

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The film may not completely tumble you backward to the nostalgia of your past while it will certainly push you to dwell about yourself as a kid and yet at the same time, promises to make adults think about the simplicity and joy of togetherness, that today’s highly insular and madding times disrupt.

Filled with color, magic and heartbreak and emotions in equal measure, Dhanak may just be the heart tingling watershed moment for you in the summers, giving you something refreshingly new to look forward to despite the blazing heat of this June.


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