7 Myths of Selling your Used Smartphone Online: Debunked by

Are Indians really obsessed with new gadgets? The answer is a resounding Yes.  Now if you acquire shiny new gadgets, you probably have some older device(s), now unwanted or just occupying some space in your drawer or cupboard. All of us have our own reasons to not part with the device. These apprehensions could be anything from not getting the right price, to the huge time lag, to being haggled by buyers or random people posing to be buyers.  Cashify is your best bet, in every which way, if you are looking to ditch that dinosaur in your drawer, and making some quick moolah to upgrade to the ‘latest kid on the block’. It busts many myths and bails you out of many woes that you may have. An incredibly refreshing experience; Cashify breaks many barriers and banishes many myths.

Just Another Platform

We know that many of you wouldn’t even know that a model like Cashify exists till you chance upon this article (and we hope you do!). Now Cashify, like the gadget you are intending to buy, is pretty much a new kind on the block! It may not be a giant in the industry yet, but is immensely trustworthy and has a huge patronage hence. The whole transaction is transparent and lucrative, making it the best bet to sell your old phone. 533 crores of cash given, 972 thousand gadgets encashed, 1046 thousands happy users; the statistics speak for themselves. Other platforms have given such a painful and bad experience to customers that sadly Cashify is perceived as yet another one. Let me tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. For Cashify is not just another platform! Infact it is a refreshingly fast and amazingly lucrative experience. Firstly, you don’t need to put up an advertisement on Cashify as opposed to the rest of the platforms. No other platform provides instant cash as does Cashify. No other platform gives you a deal as fair as Cashify. And just no other platform respects and secures your privacy, be it sharing personal details or safeguarding your data privacy.


Who Wants To Go Through The Oh So Long Time Lag

Portals like OLX make the process of selling a device not just cumbersome but also painful. More often than not, you put up your gadget/device for sale, and then are forced to forget about it, waiting for some prospective customer to stumble upon the ad and respond (if at all.. Sigh!). So, it’s easy to get caught up trying to get the best possible price for your old iPad or smartphone, and before you know it, you’ve wasted a chunk of your time jockeying for an extra 1000 bucks with a buyer who’s just passing his time and needless to say, wasting yours.

Now, Cashify is a far more professional, timely, lucrative and amazingly smooth process. Cashify is perhaps the fastest service that there can be. All you need to do is, mention all the details, which allow Cashify  to judge the condition of your gadget. Once you meet the criteria, the Cashify calculator decides the price basis details shared. If the user is satisfied with the price and gives his consent to sell, the device is picked up within 24 to 48 hours from their address. An executive from Cashify visits, checks your device and pays you on the spot. The app also gives an option of instant cash payment making it exceptionally convenient and quick.



What If My Data Is Lost or Misused

Many of us are not too adept with technology. Obviously the first thing that we want to do when selling our phone or laptop is erasing the data without loosing it. But not all of us know how to go about it. Now we know that it’s too good to sound real but the Cashify executive who comes to you can even help you back up your data to your computer or a hard disk provided by you. And that too for free!  Cashify not only ensures that your old data is backed-up, it also makes sure that the Phone is formatted, and factory reset at their end is done multiple times.

My Privacy Will Be Compromised Upon

One can’t help but compare OLX etc. to matrimonial sites. Firstly, because the customer is almost like the elusive Prince Charming, who seldom shows up. Secondly, even the one who shows up does act like your Prince Charming; interested in anything but your phone. You get the drift? Sounds familiar, right? Well, Cashify is a breather of a service. There is zero communication between you and a random buyer, the only communication that there is, is between you and Cashify. And that too is short, sweet and strictly business. Unlike other portals, your information is not out in the open waiting to be (mis)used by anyone. Haggle free, hassle free, that’s Cashify for you!

I’ll Have To Deal With Customers Who Are Not Interested.

First things first, Cashify is an extremely user friendly app and the process they follow is very systematic. There is no typical Indian lingo “chik chik”of dealing with bargaining or flaky buyers, or worst of all, no buyers at all. Platforms like OLX etc. just connect (supposedly so!) buyers with sellers. First of all, there are no ‘real’ buyers. Worst of all, most buyers are non serious or take eons to take a decision. Even after the decision is taken and the product is sold, they do not leave you in peace, chasing you for every time they encounter a problem.

On the contrary, the Cashify process is seamless, hassle free and stress free. When selling your phone on Cashify, you are selling directly to Cashify. So there’s no time lag or uncalled for haggling at any stage.



What If They Rip Me Off?

Given the fact that there is so much hanky-panky happening, one wouldn’t quite blame the customer if they are scared to trust. Cashify offers the best and fairest price that you can get for your device. The transaction is totally transparent, and money is given to you almost instantly. As fast and quick as that! And that’s the reason it has received the patronage and restored the trust of so many.

There Will Be Some Extra Charges That Will Emerge

The most irritating part about any transaction are the hidden costs that suddenly emerge from nowhere making the whole deal misleading. The Cashify experience is a much needed breather from all this. There no such hidden charges or costs at all. Infact, Cashify doesn’t even charge a pick up price. When someone is sent to pick up the device, should you wish to transfer your data with their executive’s help, there is no additional charge for that either. The transaction is fair, transparent and hence pleasant.

All this sounds too good to be real?? Every once in a while, we encounter a Superstar, and that’s what Cashify is proving to be! All that we’d say is that ditch all these woes along with your old gadget. Simplify your life, Cashify it!

Use the Promo code “WHATSUP” and get INR 200 over and above the calculated price of your device. 


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