Rappers From Mumbai Who Capture The True Essence Of The City

Mumbai is the entertainment capital of India and is filled with super talented people so it’s safe to say there are some amazingly talented hiphop artists here aswell. Infact the whole Gully scene is all about Mumbai or wait, Mumbai is all about the gully. But that ain’t all, Mumbai has so many talented people other than Naezy and Divine and here are a few Rappers from Mumbai you should Rather Listen to .


Bro, if you don’t know this guy then you’re really missing out on the real stuff. Enkore is a rapper from Mumbai who has really been in the scene. If you’ve heard his album Libra Scale then you know what this guy is worth it. His latest album Bombay Soul talks about how difficult it can be living in this city and what it is really like to be here.

Poetik Justis

Vineet Nair or as I know him, Poetik Justis is a rapper based out of Mumbai and oh boy the guy is a pro, He knows his shit and he knows what he’s doing. His Facebook page says that he knew that he wanted to do something in hip-hop only when he was 14 years old. He released his first album only when he was 23 and oh boy, that was one epic piece of art. A multi-lingual emcee who spits versatile flows and puts his heart to the music. The imprint that he leaves on his fans and listeners is one to experience.

Dee MC

Bro, she is the real deal alright. Dee MC is an Indian FEMALE rapper yo and she is also one of the finest. She has come a long long way from where she started. She has rapped about a lot of social issues to start a conversation and also was interviewed by many media portals and this girl aced it every time.


I am sure you all know Emiway by now, he has gained a lot of attention recently due to his feud with Raftaar. But other than dissing he is actually a great Rapper and is really taking forward Indian Hiphop. He is literally from the streets of Mumbai and has also popularized the word Bantai, rings a bell?

7 BantaiZ

7 BantaiZ is a group of very young people who share a love of hiphop. Let’s the say that these guys are FRESH AND UP IN THE GAME. They have just provided a song for Netflix’s show The Umbrella Academy and this is a big deal.Their songs are multilingual are are usually in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and English.

MC Altaf

I am sure you’ve heard about MC Altaf very recently because of the whole Gully Boy Hype. He is that 18 year old rapper from Dharavi that quite literally schooled Ranveer Singh for Gully Boy. He is a talented Young man. He also has a track in the movie and other than that he has recieved a lot of love and support from his fans throughout the years.


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