Pack Your Bags And Visit This City of Dreams Called Mumbai

Still haven’t been to Mumbai or contemplating whether you should take a trip to this city or not? Well here’s that nudge that will make you book your tickets instantly and head to the city of dreams as we bring you the top reasons to visit Mumbai.


visit Mumbai

Mumbai for sure has some of the most beautiful buildings that narrates the tail of the era gone by. The architecture in the city is a blend of Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and contemporary architectural styles. Many buildings, structures and historical monuments remain from the colonial era. Mumbai, after Miami, has the second largest number of Art Deco buildings in the world.


visit mumbai

There’s no other place in India like Mumbai during monsoons. Rainy season makes this city all the more beautiful. What winters is to Delhi, Monsoon is to Bombay. Everything looks dreamy, romantic and super green. Enjoy a walk with your partner or umbrella while listening to some die hard romantic songs.


visit Mumbai

When it comes to food, Mumbai has so much to offer that you would fall short of days. From expensive, posh restaurants to cute little cafes and street vendours who make absolute finger licking good food, Mumbai’s food game on point. The city has so much to offer like vada pav, dabeli, parsi food, marathi food and so on. There are numerous restaurants and cafes that have been running for centuries and are a must visit.


Who isn’t excited to meet a celebrity? When in mumbai, one thing is for sure that you will spot at least one Bollywood celebrity hanging out and about just like the common man. If you don;t want to keep waiting for fate to do it then you can go to see the residential areas of celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan or SRK or Salman and chances are that thy would come out to greet their fans.


visit Mumbai

The third largest slum area of Mumbai, Dharavi boasts a lot of things that might just surprise you. Take a tour of this place and spot some pottery barns, textiles factories and leather factories or the next ‘gully boy’.


visit Mumbai

Known as the life lines of Mumbai, Dabbawalas are absolute a must to spot in Mumbai and see them go by their daily work carrying a LOT of tiffins is absolutely amazing. They have captured a lot of interest by foreign media and Indian Cinema since their delivery has been on pint and only 1 in 6 million is their error ratio. Now that’s something to witness.


visit Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai, largest in the world is another reason to visit Mumbai and see these dhobi’s in action going about their daily chores boiling the laundry and beating it to get rid of dirt.  There have been many documentaries made on this ad movies too. One must come here to see these men in full action.


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