Haunted Places in Mumbai That You Should Not Dare To Visit Once The Sun Goes Down

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As we know that Halloween is coming up and this time you might want to ditch a party and go to these spooky places instead! Ghosts, strange sounds, flickering lights and creepy vibes are the reported occurrences that you will find here. Mumbai is the city of dreams populated with a plethora of charming people. But, at the same time there are certain haunted places that is populated by the not so living souls. Below are some of the haunted places in Mumbai that you wouldn’t dare to visit once the sun goes down!


Tower of Silence, Malabar Hills

tower of silence

Imagine walking into a tower of rotting dead bodies. Creepy, isn’t it?  Well, The Tower of Silence in Malabar Hills is a frightening place to go to. The tower was built for a Parsi ritual where dead bodies are left in open, for scavengers to feed on. The place was built in the mid nineteenth century and has remains of dead bodies accumulated since then. The place gets locked after the sun sets as they believe that the spirits of these bodies awaken during the later hours.

 Vrindavan Society, Thane

Vrindavan Society

Vrindavan Society looks like any other normal society to a passerby. It is one of the most famous and talked about societies in the city but, the society witnesses some scary paranormal incidents every other night. The residents have complained about the presence of the spirit of an old man who formerly lived in the society. It is said that he committed suicide and his spirit still haunts the society and it’s residents. His apartment has been abandoned as residents who tried living in it complained about seeing his reflection and witnessing various abnormal activities.

Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon

aarey milk colony

Aarey Milk Colony surely has the most number of haunted stories in Mumbai. The place has an extremely spooky vibe to it as it witnesses various oddities including some of the scariest paranormal activities. There are multiple tales that go around, one of the most talked about story is about the crying baby. Travellers that go through this place say that they often hear loud screams of a crying baby coming from the jungle. Anyone who tried to investigate about it was badly injured and often lost ability of sense due to shock.

 IC Colony, Borivali

IC Colony

The children of this colony do not dare to play in it’s premises. The IC colony is said to be possessed by the spirit of a gardener who used to work in the gardens of IC colony. On taking away his job, he committed a suicide right there. It is said that his spirit still wanders around. Incidents of children being badly injured and sometimes possessed have been reported since he died.

St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri

st john baptist

People go to churches to get rid of a paranormal possession but, what if the church itself is possessed? Yes, the St. John’s Baptist Church is said to be possessed by the spirit of a young bride. There was an exorcism performed as well but, the priest was killed midway through the exorcism. The church has been abandoned since years and no one even dares to go around it.

D’Souza Chawl, Mahim


Almost two decades ago, a newly married woman mysteriously fell into a well in the D’Souza Chawl. Since her death, the residents have been noticing her spirit on odd nights. It is said that you can hear screeching and harsh screams of a crying woman coming from that well. The woman’s husband died soon after her death due to shock after witnessing some paranormal activities inside his house.

 Bombay High Court, Fort

mumbai high court

It looks like the spooky roads, buildings and wells were not enough for the spirits to dwell at. There have been complaints about mysterious incidents where people were tortured and tormented everytime a murder trial took place since over 2 decades now. There have been various other paranormal activities caught on the CCTV camera as well.


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