How To Make The Best Of Monsoons In Mumbai

July is the month when Mumbai receives the maximum amount of rain. It’s about time to welcome rains and do fun things with your loved ones in monsoon in Mumbai.

  • Walk down to Juhu beach: You can’t miss the beauty of chaotic and colourful Juhu beach in monsoon. Enjoy bhajiyas with cutting chai and witness the breathtaking sunrise or sunset view as thousands of people walk the beach looking to have a great time.

  • Drive to Lonavala: The major tourist season in Lonavala is during the monsoon as it becomes quite scenic at that time. This destination has many natural attractions to its name like impressive waterfalls, perennial lakes and serene viewpoints. One can even enjoy adventure activities such as trekking, hiking and camping.

  • Stroll at Marine Drive: A spectacular view of waves hitting the sea rocks at Marine Drive is something you would not want to miss! Along with the view, you can also enjoy typical Mumbai street food such as bhelpuri, sevpuri, vada pao and cutting chai.

  • High tea buffet at Sea Lounge: Enjoy the rainy weather at Sea Lounge at Taj Mahal Palace. It has been a favourite for decades as it offers old colonial charm with art deco furniture enhanced by its spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.

  • Bandra Bandstand: The Bandra promenade, which was built in the year 2000, is a popular hangout for people in monsoon. Grab a delicious bhutta and enjoy the beautiful view while you sit at the rocks. You can also see the ‘Walk of Stars’ which showcases the handprints of famous Bollywood stars.

  • Worli Seaface: A walk alongside the Worli Sea Face with a nice breeze, clouds pouring down, sea on high tide and people walking around …… what more do we need. Irrespective of age, this place is loved by all.

  • Gateway of India: The Gateway of India is undoubtedly one of the most well known landmarks of Mumbai. Monsoon breeze and enchanting charm of this monument make it a must visit place to visit during this season. You can even hop on to the ferry that takes travellers around the Gateway of India harbour.

  • Powai Lake: Powai Lake is an artificial lake, situated in Mumbai, in the Powai valley. It is bestowed with immense natural beauty. During monsoon, balsam bushes, in their full bloom, in pink-purple colour are seen around the lake periphery, like a carpet.

  • Travel around the city: This might sound horrifying considering Mumbai traffic but it would be a memorable experience for sure. There would definitely be some minor hiccups but witnessing the charm of such a happening city especially when it is pouring will be blissful.

  • Book with Cuppa: Lastly, if you do not want to go out and get drenched, simply grab your favourite cuppa along with your favourite book at your own balcony or any of the cutest cafes in the city. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the Mumbai monsoon.

So, get your rain outfit out, select your preferred boulevard and enjoy a stroll in the rain.


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