Best Roads In The City For A Perfect Monsoon Drive

Mumbai is a tropical island and rains happen to be the most frequent weather here. However, during the rains there is a lot of chaos in the city, but there are a few roads that are worth heading out to for a long monsoon drive.


bandra worli sea link

This 5.6-kilometer-long bridge that joins Bandra to Worli is the most beautiful during the rains. Its smooth road gives you a non-stop and a beautiful ride over the sea and a breathtaking view of the skyline. The entire city may be drowning in the filth of the mud and rain, but this bridge stays awe-striking and a wonderful ride away from the world.


marine drive

Marine drive is a 3.6-kilometer-long boulevard in South Bombay and is beautiful to be driven around during the monsoons. The smooth road and the scenic beauty of the sea gives you the taste of the real monsoon of Mumbai. The surrounding buildings add to the euphoria of the drive.

Lokhandwala Backroad


Lokhandwala Backroad is a long stretch of road in the area of Lokhandwala. With its smooth road and greenery all around, it is an ideal place for a drive during monsoons.



The beach is the best side-view during the monsoons. A drive past bandstand can give you the rainy jitters and a peaceful ride with the windows down, taking in the sea breeze and the smell of the wet sand.

Nepean Sea Road

Nepean Sea Road

With its other-worldly charm and sophistication, Nepean Sea road makes a very good place for a long drive during any season! Especially during the silence of the night when all the money is resting and there’s only the sound of the rain and you and your car. The greenery and the cleanliness make it a place worth spending your night taking a drive on Nepean sea road.

Worli Sea Face


Worli Sea Face is the greatest place in the silence of the night to speed your car to the sound of your favorite music, plus the crashing of the rain drops against your window, or to slowly pass the sea and listen to the slow music of jazz. Evenings or nights, this is the place to go to for a long drive with a loved one because no matter the season, it is always beautiful to ride past this place and sink in the atmosphere and the cool vibe of Worli Sea face.

Long monsoon drives don’t need to be limited to the city. Weekend long drives during the months of rain are ideal and fun too! A drive to Pune, Lonavla or Mahabeleshwar. A mid-night long drive during the monsoon in the city, perhaps from Bandra to Worli, or from Andheri to Juhu, the long silent streets of Versova and the smell of the beach. The night lights shining over the streets of Lokhandwala or shimmery vibe of Muhammed Ali road and the beautiful Victoria Terminus or Fort. It is Mumbai we are talking about, long drives are a must, especially during the rains!



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