Mumbai Through Your Lens-Framing The Beauty Of The Dream City

Mumbai is a beauty in itself, photographers from across the globe come here to capture it’s essence in a frame. Every corner and gully has its own set of stories that are to be captured. From the chawls and dhobi ghats to the high-end skyscrapers. It is a magical place for photography that surely entices so many photographers. Though there are a few places in the city that every photographer has on it’s list in the form of

 The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus


With its appearances in tremendous number of films and a huge number of daily visitors, it is surely one of the most beautiful places to be shot. The best time to capture The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus would be when it lights up on special occasions. It is a true treat to the eyes.Amidst the buzz and the crowd, the Victorian style station building is a favorite for the photographers.

Dadar Vegetable & Flower market and The Matunga Flower Market

Dadar Flower and Vegetable Market

One can surely not deny the fact that the hustle and crowd in the Dadar vegetable & flower market and The Matunga flower market is insane! But, amidst the crazy crowd, lies a photographer’s paradise.The narrow lanes are dwelled by hundreds of vendors selling flowers for long stretches. Early morning, before sunrise, the market is at its surreal best for photography.

 Crawford market and Abdul Rehman Street


One of the most famous market in the city that dates back to the Raj. it’s elegant and the architecture is a prime attraction. The tall and broad arches make a great impact. Experts come here to capture its essence and beauty!

Juhu Beach

juhu beach

The most magical sunsets and sunrises are witnessed here. It is a beautiful stretch of gorgeousness that is a dream-come-true for photography.Capture the chaos on a fun sunday evening for the crowd’s essence. You can also click Bioluminescence phenomenon here!

  Kala Ghoda Fort & Asiatic Library

kala ghoda

Kala Ghoda Fort & Asiatic Library is the most artsy place that you will come across in the city. You will come across architecture and art  the best of many worlds and eras – from High Victorian to Indo-Islamic. It has a beautiful the blend of styles in a city, wherein the architects experimented with local materials and international designs to create something magical.

Dhobi Ghat

dhobi ghat

Someone rightly said that the simpler things in life are the moat beautiful ones. Dhobi Ghat is one such spot for some lovely photography that’ll capture with colorful spread across pools of water, one of the many faces of Mumbai. Simple lifestyle and the routine around which many earn their daily bread is something that needs to be captured and enhanced!



A city within a city, Dharavi is the one of the oldest and biggest slum communities of Asia and this is one reason why it makes a good photography spot. Capturing the small happiness created by those who are not very privileged in life is one sort of beauty in itself!

Now that it has been listed, take out your cameras and capture these beauties while they are there…

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