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Best Home-Cooks In Mumbai Serving Warmth And Deliciousness

July 10, 2019

Mumbai has some of the most talented home cooks in the country that have really made it big in the culinary world. They have mastered various cuisines and deliver excellence on your platter.There are many home cooks that cater for various events or is a list of great home cooks from Mumbai.

 Gitika Saikia


Best known for her amazing pop ups in the various cities, Gitika runs Gitika’s Pakghor. She has various cuisines from the North East. she is known for her usage of unique ingredients as well as her unique style of cooking. Her famous and loved delicacies include her famous smoked pork.

 Madhumita Pyne

Treating and feeding people with the best of her delicacies from her traditional Bengali recipes. Pyne runs the Insomniac Cook in Malad. Her chicken rezala, kacha lanka mangsho (mutton cooked with green chilli), and bhetki bhapa (bhetki fish steamed in a yogurt and mustard sauce) is to die for. She brings a unique twist to the traditional recipes.

 Havovi Shroff

Making her way through the best home cooks in the city, she has made it to the Home Bakers List. she has a chic way of cooking and brings elegant deliciousness to your plate. Her Bacon Dip has become really famous amongst the people. Apart from this she makes lip-smacking cheese roulade, prawn rainbow rice, and dhansak. For a party of a large group, her glazed leg of ham is delicious too.

 DasGupta Barve


Running the loved eatery in the city, Pia Promina, Barve is making it to the top. A follower of Heston Blumenthal’s cooking methods, he has made some great catering ventures. From lobster tails to roast chicken with the perfect crispy skin, kosha mangsho to biryani is a must have on your platter. He makes special and customised festive menus for New Year, Diwali, and Christmas.

Angie D’Souza


Serving some of the most delicious pies and cookies, Angie runs the famous The Holy Fork in the city. She also serves in parties as well. She has a very distinct and delicious style of cooking that is loved by all. Her menu has bacon and cheese buns, fabulous and juicy meaty starters, and amazing Goan main courses including vindaloo, sorpotel, and chicken or pork roast with stuffing and gravy.



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