Mukarabeen Sagar : Breaking bad the bias about Kashmir’s youth

Our attractions and likes in life often run in parallel to many biases and dislikes. That makes us who we are and defines us in the way we think. Who is to judge who is correct and who is not.

But, in the vagaries of life that often oscillate between the good, the bad and the ugly, prudence implies to base our judgments and thinking on logic and a bit of reasoning.  To explore a country like India often means to delve deep into the mindsets of individuals that often juggle with extreme variety given our languages, customs, beliefs and cultural heritage. Therefore, while navigating across a rich cultural conformity of this wonderland, it isn’t too uncommon to crash against walls of divided opinions and cultural disparities.

The Uniqueness that India is, the misconception that Kashmir iskashmiri youth icon

There’s this profundity in the way people separated by states and varied culture upbringings conceive and opine about one another, but this how it is and perhaps, that’s what highlights the uniqueness of India.

Over the course of several years, one has experienced that Kashmir, inarguably one of the most scintillating visual delights of our country has often been trolled and must one note, a bit irrationally with un-informed views that have sadly defined it’s prevailing ethos and socio- cultural landscape. The moment we hear the word Kashmir, what’s the first  thing that comes to our minds? Beauty or maybe, guns  or even- kids with guns. Keeping the beauty afar which none are strangers to, thanks to the millions show reels from Bollywood that have drenched in their natural love for beauty in Kashmir, what if I ask you to state your nuances on the youth of Kashmir. What would your thoughts be? Would they be as well informed as your love for technology and able narratives on brands, love for cooking or anything that defines your lifestyle and choices?

Perhaps, you’ll definitely state that they look good, are beautiful souls and have perceived with their eyes the worst of everything. They have faced a certain lack of educational opportunities and have had to contend with many other odds and ends.

To some bounds you are even right. Some or maybe a step above the ‘some’. But what about those who don’t confer to this view? But, could it be that, truth is further from what has been conceived and not, yet thought of in totality? Those who don’t want to be what has already been planned for them. Those who hang tough and try to remodel what has apparently been build strong since years are in most cases and largely alien to the world.

Like nobody knows them. They are left unknown and uncelebrated!

Kashmir: Time has come to recognize it’s unrecognized youth 

One such not-so-celebrated soul from Kashmir, forever dangling between biases and should one say, ill conceived opinions is Mukarabeen Sagar. You must be thinking who is he? Why am I reading about him? Is he important? He’s not even related to the Kardashian clan, nor has any media meted out a drop of ink on him, so why is he here? Mukarabeen

He is here because he is a  gifted kid from the “Paradise of death”, a “valley often left to fend for itself”. A land seldom cared for and often negated for what the media chides it for, this being the turf for a sociological war that exists between cultural oddities and profound misconceptions about violence and peace.

Mukarbeen is from a place where everything is limited. Where you have to contend with limited choices. He is the child of paradise who is capable of building up dead stones and giving them lives. With his brains.

Why Mukarabeen Sagar matters? 

Mukarabeen Sagar, is a twelfth class student, born to one of the most known and influential families of Jammu and Kashmir. You can say that he was not only born with a silver spoon in his mouth but also a silver plate to carry the spoon.  For him things come easy and the responsibilities on his shoulders, summed up to a big zero. But these privileges did little to motivate the avid youngster to discover his calling. Not only are his dreams different but his desire and hunger to change the usual, stereotypical ways of thinking make him standout.

The beginning of the change

Like other teens his age, Mukarabeen , a dare devil go getter wanted life to be all glitz, fun and play. But it took one journey to make an impact on this youngster in an impressionable age. While traveling back home from yet another journey he witnessed that even after months people that were affected by the flood fury were still putting up in tents on the banks of the famous Dal Lake. What he and his friends thought is some training was actually the reality and the real ground situation of the flood victims.

And this is where was  born a social worker  who’s  mind planned like an entrepreneur. He decided that he would with his bunch of friends organize a fund raising event for the flood tormented people. And named that event as Taqdeer-e-Kashmir. Nothing was planned. And when planned. Nothing came easy. This journey for the society felt like a climb to Everest. What they thought would go and end like a piece of cake became one tough pathway with sponsors saying a straight No, or looking for their own profits or the worse never even meeting them.

But this did not stop what had been started. Mukarabeen worked and worked hard. He tried to meet the ends which were  impossible to even think. And like they say, with every night what we have is a bright new morning, things started to work out. The hard work paid well and what Mukarabeen   had an event that would go on for two days at two different venues. Thousands of donators and a very huge amount of money collection for the troubled ones.

Helping almost 25 families was like accomplishing a mark he had never set.

What now 

At the moment, Mukarabeen, the straight talking but dreamy eyed boy is the Co owner of an event  management company, titled Guide-The Professional. His event management has already organized a number of  big and small events in Kashmir showcasing brands, social events and cultural standpoints amidst Kashmir’s lofty beauty. They are planning to scale- up the business toward Jammu and other states as well.

Mukarabeen wants  to be a police officer and one day become a big millionaire. While his dreams are big, so are his accomplishments. Mukarabeen ahmed

At an age where several teenagers are enjoying their play-stations and techno savvy lifestyles that prefer Facebook over their folks, this youngster has already planned his vision for the upcoming ten years.

He is what the youth of Kashmir is. He is no bullets, no guns, no stones. He is the guy who has done it big and will do it big. Big, in his world isn’t just a prerogative for gaining material wealth. It is to distill ill-conceived biases about a land that has so much more to offer and youth that is burning with incessant fire to rise in life. 


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