Don’t miss out MS Dhoni: The Untold Story! In theaters September 30

MS Dhoni: the untold story will play in cinemas starting September 30th. For those who think Cricket is merely an alternate religion in India are mistaken! It is an emotionally riveting affair, a heart-line India breathes on and a game that binds people together. And what could be better than seeing a fitting marriage between two of the most popular pastimes of this gifted country: Cricket and Cinema.


And when the two come together, never mind even if that happens rarely, we often have scintillating highs such as the new upcoming film MS Dhoni: the untold story!

Dhoni isn’t just a name in India that became synonymous for glory, rather a constant shadow to success. Here is a man who has inspired millions, quite like Sachin, albeit with a newfound encouragement that seemed to have withered with Tendulkar beyond his peak. Dhoni is a lasting symbol of triumph against life’s harrowing troubles, a reason to persistently go for one’s dreams and to relent despite being challenged by odds highly stacked against the favour of success.


And it was about time that someone took up the Dhoni success story and crafted it onto the big screen to not just re-live the marvelous triumphs of ‘captain cool’ but inspire a generation of wannabe cricketers to be unafraid of taking the rough road toward effort and grind before tasting the sweet thing called success.

What’s Up Life in its constant surge to give you inspiring movie previews recommends MS Dhoni for several reasons:

  1. Interesting young star-cast at the helm


Sushant Singh Rajput, is as gritty and refreshing an actor as MS Dhoni, the titular character he is playing. Just as the mere sight of MS on screen about to launch into a big heave brings smiles on people, Sushant too with his charismatic avatar brings about this feeling. In Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood has a versatile actor who’s unafraid of challenges.

Starring alongside Sushant is newcomer Disha Patani, a self-confessed Dhoni fan. The movie is set to unravel an engaging chemistry between young hearts whilst drawing crowds for the lesser known Dhoni saga.

  1. It’s a sports flick after all


If you look at the dizzying heights of Hollywood, then you’ll find that flicks like ‘Ali’ based on the late great Mohammad Ali, ‘Rush’ based on the famous rivalry of F1 icons Niki Lauda and James Hunt have been huge box-office cults. Similarly, out here in India too, in the parameter where movies loom large over common lives, sports movies continue to inspire a generation of movie-goers. Remember ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’? Even ‘Freaky Ali’ hooked people onto Golf.

But this is a cricket movie and one based on the life of India’s most successful and much loved captain. It is bound to make heads turn and be a part of your life journey, by the time you step out of the theatre.

  1. Sushant’s most challenging role yet


In a Bollywood thronged by intense competition posed by the likes of charming and fine actors- of the class of Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and the newfound sensation Fawad Khan- Sushant Singh has created his own fan-base thanks to a genuine string of honest roles he’s essayed in ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ among others.  He recently confessed that despite being Dhoni’s biggest fan, he had to take up a massive challenge of playing the great man on screen.

And it was a challenge that left him humbled and overwhelmed. Dhoni in particular is a man of many shades and his story, quite like the protagonist goes through several turnstiles- from being a nobody to helming arguably the most loved cricket team’s iconic leader.


It is a role that required a deep understudy of Dhoni- a notoriously shy character, every bit as elusive in his personal space as he is enigmatic on the 22 yards. And for this, Sushant tackled a huge creative challenge.

  1. The MS Dhoni we hardly know

What we all see and relish about Dhoni is his incredibly powerful strokes, his supreme agility on the cricket field and his incredible ability to transform tense situations challenging India into easy cakewalks using his calm and collecting acumen. But this is the Dhoni now!



What about the man and his challenges, the uncertainties he faced before rising as the star and the evident failures he was set to collide with?

A lot about Dhoni, the man behind the scenes is unknown. And M.S. Dhoni: the untold story will take the humble walk backward into tracing this lovely man’s past.

  1. What Dhoni himself feels about the movie

ms dhoni

In real life, Dhoni and Sushant Singh have been close and almost buddies in the last two years. MS was humbled and moved when he was told by Neeraj Pandey that he was going to bring his fascinating story onto the big screen. It was perhaps the biggest reward for Dhoni, one that may have equaled the euphoria of hitting that famous six to help India lift the ICC 2011 World Cup.


Dhoni and his family, reportedly have been moved by Sushant’s incredible depiction of the Ranchi born sensation. The incredible lengths to which the actor went- from practicing Dhoni’s famous helicopter shot to growing long locks to even walking in Dhoni’s famous gait- the film bears a close resemblance to the man himself; a man who has given us all much to cheer about and ultimately, the country some incredible achievements. And that is reason enough why we all must go and enjoy M.S. Dhoni: the untold story!



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