Movies To Watch On International Day of Friendship

30th July is officially designated by the UN as the International Day of Friendship. It has been celebrated each year since 1999, though individual countries may choose some other date of their own. India for instance, celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.

For us dates matter less, but it is just another excuse to celebrate the lifelong bonds of friendship. So, we decided to go ahead and celebrate both the national and international days. And what better way to do so than cherish some of the finest movies ever made around the concept of friendship. The best ones are listed below:

Dil Chahta Hai

International Friendship Day

Definitely the first name that comes up when Indians discuss movies made on friendship. The three characters were such an ideal fit. Aamir Khan was by far the biggest star when this film was made, but unlike several others so-called in this genre, equal importance was provided to all the actors. Each had a distinctive personality too.

Rock On!

movies for International friendship day

This movie best illustrates how friendships do not remain static. Readers, think back to the last time you spoke to your best friend from class 6. People change and friendships evolve along with it. The 4 in Rock On! were inseparable but circumstances changed them as people.

Good Will Hunting

movies for International friendship day

Good Will Hunting in many ways mirrors the real-life friendship between the principal actors- Ben Affleck and Matt Damon- that fitted seamless on screen. Like in the movie, these two actors evolved in different ways. Affleck has made his mark behind the shots as an award-winning director of Argo. Damon on the other hand is one of the top actors who always seems lost on important missions from which the US government needs to bail him out!

Girl, Interrupted

movies for International friendship day

One of the few movies to get female friendships correct, it saw stellar acting from the lead actors. Angelina Jolie swept the acting awards that year winning for supporting actor category across award functions for her portrayal of Lisa Rowe. She is charismatic and leader-like, though a compulsive liar. Winona Ryder as the leading lady gradually gets drawn to Lisa, though rejects her views in the end.

Donnie Brasco

movies for International friendship day

Some may call it the Stockholm Syndrome, but the truth is that people forge friendships in all kind of odd situations. One is an FBI agent out to nab the underworld but forges close ties with one of the top criminal handlers. The latter seems to have all the emotions one does not associate with gangsters, as he gets passed up for promotion within the hierarchy. The former out of loyalty to his friend moonlights away from his employers.


movies for International friendship day

This movie took the world by storm post its low-profile release in 1995. Few expected Clueless to reach such iconic levels, but it turned out to be a sleeper hit. Its portrayal of upper-class society and the complex emotions among teenagers was eerily accurate for any part of the world. Today all desire to emulate the friendship between Cher, Dione and Tai.

Haathi Mere Saathi

movies for International friendship day

A rather left-field selection within this list, Haathi Mere Saathi was one of the first mainstream Indian films to explore human-animal friendship. The elephants and the lead actor forge strong emotional ties throughout the film with the latter even rejecting his family when he had to choose.


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