The Most Exotic Experiences To Drench In Around The World

It’s that time of the year when the seasons around the world are changing and we are in a transition phase from Winter to officially summer months. When you almost start a new year at school, only to await the 2 month long summer break which by the way, is the only blessing of school life (Kidding!) It’s time to plan another adventure to chime with and form another set of unforgettable memories in the demarcated year for the years to come.

This time around the attention is on travelling to places which are more  ‘ Éxotic ‘ Exotic, could be very subjective specially when it comes to travel. While we all love adventure and are daring enough to explore, it is important to be mindful of the temperature, social, political circumstances of a place as well as to be well equipped for any place you travel to. Some of the most exotic experiences to head to for, are here:


Northern Lights at Kirkjufell, Iceland

most exotic experiences

Consider yourself fortunate, if you pack your bags all the way to Iceland and get to experience the sightings of the Northern Lights. The northern lights usually appear between 90 and 640 km above sea level. The sight of them takes one on a journey of the evolution of the city. Though the Northern lights can be observed from various locations, its better to check on the NL alerts app for confirmation.

Find yourself amidst the breathtaking Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, located a walkable distance from the most popular Kirkjufell mountain of Iceland. A feeling of joie de vivre is sure to cross you, as the Church Mountain sight reminds you of the Game of Thrones. If you have a penchant for photogenic sites, this one if sure to be a worthwhile experience you’d remember all your life.


Horseshoe Fall, Niagara Falls, Canada.

 most exotic experiences

A breezy idyll, an enthralling view and a rainbow (if you’re lucky) is a cherry on the cake. Find yourself among the lush gardens, the horseshoe waterfall and a panorama that’d take your breath away. Stretching between the table rock in Ontario and Goat island in New York, this one is the largest of the Niagara Falls ’three waterfalls. Feel an adrenaline rush, as you gush through the curve of the falls feeling a spray of mist, enjoying a boat ride adding to the experience.


 Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

most exotic experiences


You can bathe in the water, you can bathe in the sea but nothing like taking a swim through the midnights dream.

Get mesmerized in the enduring appeal, as you experience a place with no running water, no power, temporary bamboo structures and all you got is a phosphorescent sea. A swim at the Koh Ta Kiev island in Cambodia, should be on your bucketlist ,if its not. Swim through black ink only to be surprised at the sea glowing to your touch. A swim through this is sure to reconfigure your senses and your idea of life. It’s like leaving all your fear and insecurity behind, and experiencing something as vivid and mystic as this.

Archipelago Sea, Finland

most exotic experiences

Some of the best things in life come for free, and this is so true for this emotion-evoking experience at Archipelago Sea, Finland. Either cycle through the 1,79,000 Finnish islands or camp for free while every imagery you see is worth a click. A country that gives one freedom to roam, freedom to camp anywhere and provides a system of free ferries connecting the main islands of Archipelago.

Bathe in the perfect lakes, enjoy a view of the pristine islands and spend a few bucks while you enjoy a good meal there. An incomparable experience, hard to narrow it down to just a few lines about the Finnish Archipelago.


Sleeping Under a Blanket of Stars- Wadi Rum, Jordan

most exotic experiences

If someone asked me what I’d experience before I die it would be to sleep under an open sky and make conversations with the stars.  Stare, observe, ponder and wake up to the sound of birds an effervescent sunrise over Wadi Rum’s pink sands making a complete painting.

Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It features dramatic sandstone mountains like the many-domed Jebel Um Ishrin, and natural arches such as Burdah Rock Bridge. Many prehistoric inscriptions and carvings line rocky caverns and steep chasms, such as Khazali Canyon. The natural watering hole of Lawrence’s Spring is named after British soldier Lawrence of Arabia.


Navagio beach, Greece


If travelling is the focal obsession of your life, you cannot afford to miss the Navagio beach in Greece. The golden sun, the orange sky and the vivacious shades of blue put together is very typical and scenic to Greece. With natural rocks and vertical cliffs, making it appear as if a crocodile head is creeping in, trying to guzzle all the sea water.  Popularly known as the shipwreck beach, Navagio has an exposed cove and is accesible only by boat.

One of the most picturesque beaches of Greece, this beach is the most popular one of Zakynthos.


The Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park

exotic experiences

Sun rises on the Morain Lake, at the valley of the ten peaks in Banff National Park. The ten snow capped peaks, fall in Alberta Canada and cast their reflection on the pristine emerald waters of the lake. Adding to the postcard beauty of this place, are numerous hanging glaciers around. Exercise all your guts, as you climb and camp around the outlying areas without harming nature in its raw form. Camp, climb but make sure to watch out for the species that inhabit this place.

Lencois Sand Dunes, Brazil

exotic experiences

Reserve your rainy season for a trip to Lencois, Brazil.  While the rain Gods dance, the valleys between the landscape are filled with turquoise lagoons resulting into this natural unaltered transformation. Best time to visit is between July and September, one can take a swim in these lagoons to get respite from the heat.

The Park known as Lençóis Maranhenses means ‘bedsheets of Maranhão’ in Portuguese. These natural and uneven formations vanish through the dry seaon, but are a must see while they last.
The world is full of surprises…but these are experiences, natural wonders that must be lived while they last!



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