Six Incredibly Useful Pocket Sized Gadgets of 2016

most useful tiny gadgets cover photoThe saying ‘good things come in small packages’ has become much frequently used over the years, and looking at things practically – it does hold quite a lot of weight, rather than it just being a namesake giveaway.

Tech development wouldn’t mean anything had we not been able to do a lot more with a lot less. This approach has enabled us, in the current year to see extensive changes in almost every single technology driven appliance or gadget we use in our daily life – cell phones, television, computers, music players and the list goes on.

But coming back to the point, in spite of these developments on paper – we are part of a society which believes in minimalism as it’s mantra.
Theoretically this means getting more from less, but it’s quite often that we find ourselves stuck between our minimalistic needs and the ‘extra baggage’ which a few gizmos carry with themselves.

Extra cables, bulky designs and other design features kind of bloat the entire thing up en route to adding more features to the device.

Nonetheless though, this year has seen a significant rise in the sale and production of gadgets which suit the needs and lifestyle of a minimalist.

Elegantly designed, these gadgets may very well be tiny enough to take up a small space in your pocket, but they work brilliantly at the same time.

Here are a few recommended ‘tiny gadgets’ you can carry around !

1. TrackR


Misplacing things, especially the essential ones is almost a natural thing for most of us and happens when you are least expecting it !
But this coin sized device can help you find your lost treasure in mere minutes, if not seconds.

TrackR comes with an Android and iOS app. You are all good to go and lose your stuff freely once you attach this tiny coin like device to everything that you essentially feel might lose.
The app also displays the distance between you and your item / items.

When a TrackR user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update.

PRICE – RS 1,799 /- approx


128 GB samsung flash drive

There isn’t a lot that can be differentiated between all the flash drives and USB ‘s which are available in the market at the moment.
But Samsung kind of pulled a literal rabbit out of the hat with this one product.

This USB flash drive is not only the size of a thumb, hence dubbing it ‘thumb drive’ but at the same time has a gargantuan space of 128 GB !

Well, like I said good things do come in small packages but looking at the price of this flash drive, they don’t necessarily come cheap !

PRICE – RS 4,546 /- approx



Ever wondered what turning any HDMI screen into a streaming device would be like?
Just get hold of one of these devices and experience it for yourself !

Chromecast works with Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac and Chromebooks.
Stream HD videos, music and anything on the web to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

PRICE – RS 2,999/- to RS 3,999/- approx



A raucous bluetooth speaker, roughly two-thirds the size of an average Rubik’s cube !

The ease of use, compatibility with Android smartphones, simple design and most importantly a powerful sound quality & output makes this one of the best selling products online at the moment.

PRICE – RS 3,012/- approx


karma portable wifi hotspot

This is one device which is slated for a launch in India at the end of the year, has been getting a lot of attention in other parts of the world.

If you’re travelling and are not connected with any mobile data pack, this might just be your savior. For about $15 per GB, Karma provides it’s users with a pocketable data hotspot.



lenovo dual mouse

Lenovo has been tinkering with it’s devices for some time now, and it’s innovativeness has been remarkable.
The same can be said for this multi purpose mouse too, which doubles up as a remote control – in turn helping you to execute your PPT presentations in a better way.

What’s even better is how it fits in your pockets with ease.

PRICE – RS 2,999/- approx


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