Most Mysterious / Secret places on Earth

We know a lot about the world we live in and have grown to become familiar with almost everything it has to offer to us on a daily basis. Apart from our familiarity with everything our life has in store for us from Monday to Sunday, the media upsurge and cover stories enable us to have a sneak peak on things ranging from Kanye West’s osession with Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaigning

But that’s just one on hand, on the other though there are things – some unexplained & some we just have no clue about. This is a list of some of the most secret places on earth, and everything related to which have been a well guarded secret for years.

Most human beings will never get to see or experience these places, some of which are downright creepy and some which y’all never knew existed. But as the saying goes, like when all good secrets come to life…we humans NEED to know them!

So, here you go!

Iron Mountain

iron-mountainHome to some of the world’s most priceless treasures, Iron Mountain is often referred to as the world’s official archive. Guards equipped with AR-15’s guard the entrance of Iron Mountain, which is technically a mine and to access which requires travelling about 22 stories beneath the surface of earth. A saying which does the rounds about this place is the fact that it can survive nuclear and terrorist attacks more than once, also the archives will be able to last for over 5,000 years.

More than twenty million negatives of the world’s most iconic and famous photographs; that of Albert Einstein and Rosa Parks amongst others are stored here. Other archives also include databases of Fortune 500 companies and original master recordings of major record labels.

The tomb of Genghis Khan

tomb of genghis khan

This one till date remains one of the most mind boggling mysteries yet to be solved. Genghis Khan’s final resting place still remains unknown, even though the fact that he was one of history’s greatest commanders and the creator of the Mongolian Empire remains unaltered. According to Mongolian traditions, when a tomb is completely undisturbed, there is protection for the soul.

Legend has it, 800 soldiers massacred all of the 2,000 people present at his funeral before killing themselves. The ground was then trampled by horses for several months before finally a river was diverted over it to hide the tomb’s location.

Coca-Cola’s secret recipe (World of Coca-Cola Museum)

world of coca cola - the vault
If what has been touted to be the “World’s most valuable brand” based on a global study isn’t enough then the statistical implication of 1.8 billion servings of Coca-Cola being drunk by consumers in over 200 countries worldwide…wait for it…everyday, should really leave you astonished!

The original recipe of Coke, now sits in a vault on display at the Coca-Cola museum. However, visitors can only see a black box inside the vault, inside which is the original document written by Asa Candler’s son in 1919.

Area 51, Nevada

area 51What happen in Vegas stays in Vegas, the same can also hold good for a secretive site located some 80 miles to the north of the city.

Area 51 was a term first used in a Vietnam War-era CIA document. It is formally recognized as a military base and airfield, that is known for keeping highly classified secrets of the state. If rumours are something to go by, well…there are many who believe that there is an alien or/and an UFO being held captive over here.

Savlbard Global Seed Vault

svalbard global seed vault

Some genius devised this place fearing the exhaustion of food from the world, quite literally! The Savalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway is humanity’s last stand against a global food crisis. The vault functions as a safe deposit box for almost every available seed type.

ADX Florence Prison

ADX florenceA clean version of hell” is what best describes this place…err, prison which houses some of the most notorious & worst of the worst people this world has ever seen – without naming any individual or organization in particular.

Human contact is non-existent inside the prison and in it’s 20 years of operation, 7 inmates have committed suicide and none have escaped.

VaroshaVarosha secret places

In literal terms – Varosha is a ghost town. What was a glamorous tourist destination is the 70’s eventually saw it’s inhabitants flee, courtesy of the Turkish invasion of 1974. That time on, the Turkish took control of the town, and is still abandoned today.

A shoot on sight order is present for any person trying to intrude inside, except for the Turkish military and United Nations officials.


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