Do You Dare? 15 Most Haunted Places in the Country

There have been numerous debates and arguments across the world over the existence of ghosts. While some people feel that it is only a tangible human force that exists, others believe in the existence of supernatural forces and ghosts that exist in the same universe as us. Which side is correct & which one is wrong is open for discussion but there are many sites, houses & stories in India itself that hint towards the existence of these unnatural forces.

In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life, we are listing down for you 15 of the Most Haunted Places in the country and what makes them so?

GP Block – Meerut

GP Block – Meerut hauntedThe beautiful city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh is not untouched by strange happenings. It is believed that the GP Block of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh is a haunted place and home to multiple paranormal activities. People who have been to the area have reported having seen spirits of numerous young men and women and some even say that they have seen four sitting together and enjoying an alcoholic beverage by the light of a single candle. There also have been reports of a woman in red walking till disappearance here.


Bhangarh Fort Ajabgarh- Alwar

Bhangarh-Fort-Ajabgarh-Alwar haunted

Also, known as one of Asia’s most haunted place, Bhangarh Fort is believed to have been the home to numerous strange occurrences. As per the legend, a local magician fell in love with the Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and replaced her perfume with a love potion. Somehow, she got to know about this mischief and spilled the scent over a massive stone boulder. As the potion spilled on the boulder, it started rolling towards the magician and crushed him under it. While dying, he cursed the place and the fort is uninhabited ever since.


Kuldhara – Rajasthan

Kuldhara – Rajasthan haunted

The village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan is popularly known to be a deserted ghost village that has been abandoned since the 1800s. It is said to carry a curse of the villagers who vanished from there overnight, after having lived there for over 7 centuries. Anyone who has tried to take over the land of the village has reported strange occurrences because of which people have eschewed the land and village altogether.


Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune hauntedMost of us know of the Shaniwarwada from the movie Bajrao Masatani, but what the movie will not tell you is that supernatural activities are at their peak on every full moon night here. Tourists and caretaker of the monument have said that they can still hear screams of a little kid from the fort. They are believed to have been the wails of the son of Nana Saheb, the last emperor here whose son was beheaded at the age of 13.


The Vrindavan Society – Thane

The Vrindavan Society – Thane haunted

Considered to be the most famous housing societies of Thane, this society is also home to a bit of paranormal. Many of its residents and guards have experienced what may only be termed as non-natural occurrences. The legend goes that a man who committed suicide in the society never really left the building and still haunts it. There have been cases of screams and screeches coming from the society and guards have been beaten up by this ghost too.

Dumas Beach-GujaratDumas Beach-Gujarat haunted

Situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, this beach is known for its black sand and mystical activities. People suggest that since the beach was previously a burial ground for Hindus, you can still hear screams, whispering, and activities from the dead. Many people who tried testing the waters here vanished without a trace.


Dow Hill in Kurseong – Darjeeling

Dow Hill in Kurseong – Darjeeling haunted

The Dow Hill Boarding School for Girls in Darjeeling is believed to be the house of strange happenings and multiple paranormal activities have been claimed to have transpired here. People in the area suggest that since the forest that surrounds the school is haunted, such instances are truly justified. The forest area is also believed to be the house of a headless boy figure that runs behind cars and other vehicles that pass from here.


Grand Paradi Towers – Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers - Mumbai haunted

This really is a mystical story that still creeps people out. A couple Vasudeo Dalal and Tara Dalal died at the Grand Paradi Towers and even left a suicide note that their son and daughter in law are responsible for it. The matter was in court, however, on the judgment day, the son and daughter in law along with their daughter died in the same way as their parents did. This unsolved mystery is furthermore cryptic with the fact that there have been more than 20 accidents and suicides in the building since its construction. Astonishing, isn’t it?


South Park Cemetery – Kolkata

South Park Cemetery - Kolkata haunted

As far as cemetery’s and burial grounds go, this one tops the chart in terms of weirdness. Those who have entered the South Park Cemetery in Kolkata have faced some unnatural things and some have even died thereon under mysterious circumstances. Till date, people report having heard screams of pain coming from the house.


Mukesh Mills-Mumbai

Mukesh Mills-Mumbai haunted

The mill was shut down in 1980 after a sudden fire outbreak. This abandoned haunted place in India serves as an excellent location for shooting Bollywood horror movies. However, one of the female actors who came for shooting here was once possessed and warned the crew to never shoot here and abandon the place in a man’s voice. From that day till then, people have left this place altogether.


National Library- Kolkata

National Library- Kolkata haunted

Besides a rich collection of books, The National Library, Kolkata is also known for its supernatural stories. At the time of its renovation, twelve labors were reported to have lost their lives in an accident.  And it is believed that many of them never left the building and continue to haunt it. Some students who went inside to take books vanished too.


The Lambi Dehar Mines-Mussoorie

The Lambi Dehar Mines-Mussoorie haunted

The Lambi Dehar Mines were shut after half a million workers died coughing blood due to improper mining conditions here. Since then the mines have been the epitome location where strange happenings occur, people are believed to have located a witch who walks down the hills at night and has claimed many lives. Rapid occurrences of accidents and unusual deaths have also made this place rank amongst the spookiest places in the country.


House Number W-3 GK-DelhiHouse Number W-3-Delhi haunted

This place and the story behind it seems to be straight out of a horror flick. A few years ago, an elderly helpless couple was murdered in their own home. The house has since fallen to ruin but has retained its original occupants as strange voices, screams, muffled laughter at the middle of the night are heard every now and then.


Savoy Hotel- MussoorieSavoy Hotel- Mussoorie haunted

Lady Garnet Orme was found dead in one of the rooms of the Savoy hotel under mysterious circumstances and is supposed to haunt the building ever since. Some say that she was poisoned and strychnine was discovered in one of her medicine bottles. The incident created quite a sensation and Agatha Christie’s best-seller ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ is supposedly based on this.


Khairatabad Science College- HyderabadKhairatabad Science College- Hyderabad haunted

There is an old Tarapuri Building, which used to be a science college. The building fell to ruin and was abandoned, but the dead bodies in the biology labs were not disposed of properly. People who pass by at night have often sighted walking skeletons, sparks, and disturbing noises. A guard was stationed there by the Government but he died mysteriously, adding to the scariness of the place.



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