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How To Spend Money Like A Pro On the Most Expensive Things

August 13, 2018

We all wish we had endless amounts of money in our bank accounts, we would probably buy a huge luxury car; something to make the neighbours jealous, something that feels like controlling a plane. Maybe a house; with a pool, a huge garage, a massive lawn where you can play football; at least 4 floors with a huge audio visual room. A fabulous new phone which has the top specifications of anything built, something that you can use to control a spaceship. A brand new wardrobe, from the best designers and made of the finest materials known to man; but what else could we possibly want to spend that money on. It’s hard for people who barely have that sort of income to think of things like that; so we decided to investigate and find out what the we could spend these imaginary billions on.

A diamond iPhone

most expensive things I know that just having and iPhone is a status symbol nowadays, but having one that is encrusted in diamonds and gold seems like something more along the lines of something that a person who can more than afford it should have. Stuart Hughes created a beautiful bitcoin edition. The handset is 256gb, unlocked to all networks worldwide and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.....and costs a whopping INR 7,96,773!!  

A Reinast Toothbrush

most expensive things If you’ve ever needed to feel rich, then apart from having a solid gold commode, you need the matching Reinast luxury toothbrush. A toothbrush made from titanium, the toothbrush may actually cost more than replacing your original set of teeth. Well..... Reinast has made a toothbrush of whooping price of $4200......INR 3,72,034....!! Smile till you've got teeth......or rather till you've got the dough.... most expensive things

A Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition Suit

most expensive things The most expensive suit in the world -Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition $892,500.... INR 62,006,437....! We've lost count! Stuart Hughes is a name associated with rich, the diamond edition suit is made from cashmere, wool and silk; and has diamonds to top it all off. This seems also a much safer option than Dattatray Phuges’ solid gold shirt, which unfortunately led to his demise.


most expensive things We are not really sure if Mukesh Ambani is looking to sell, but at a valuation of a little more than a billion dollars, it seems like something we should definitely consider buying. With 27 floors and six underground parking, with over 600 staff to care for the property, it feels like a property worth owning. With One Billion US Dollars (INR 69,46,50,00,000) riding on it, Antilla is a site to see!  

The Airbus A380

MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS It is the worlds biggest private jet, and the most expensive. It looks more like a luxury apartment than a plane, and being fully loaded to the brim, it’s a destination getaway in itself; plus the added benefit that wherever you land you can have your holiday.  

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl

MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS This is considered by many people to be the most perfect cognac in the Indian market, only 50 cases exist the world over. Sold in a crystal Baccarat decanter, this cognac exudes luxury even before you smell the bouquet. You can always buy a bottle, or enjoy a drink in peace at the Leela Palace in Delhi. And to add to the gawk....the bottle costs 24000 USD OR INR 16,67,172...!

So those are our tips about how to spend your billions and billions. In case you have any excess money lying around, you can always donate it to us.....Just saying!

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