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Is This A Tale Or Truth? The Most Controversial Predictions For 2020

March 20, 2020

Just when everyone was so pumped up for 2020! This year will be for travelling, changing ourselves, starting something new, and BAMM ! Forest Fires, Deadly diseases and all the violence is blowed in our face just as the year started. Now, many people are de-motivated and many are as tough as a shield. As people are already gaining all the information, thanks to social media, everyone is all over the place making memes, sending forwards on whatsapp and clearly making a big deal out of a something for which we don't even have proper information. Yes! The things are getting somewhat out of hand as more than taking precautions people are now in a 'Panic Situation'. Because of all the mess created, ENTERS, some older and controversial predictions which were made before the year started. Whether to consider it a tale or truth is in your hands.

Sylvia Browne - End Of Days Book (Predictions and Prophecies)

Still not aware of this book? Well, check your whatsapp family group, you will get at least one forward message. As predicted by this book, which FYI, was published in 2008, there will be a severe pneumonia like disease that will spread globally in the year 2020 attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all treatments. Enters, Coronavirus COVID - 19. This was one of the prediction mentioned in this book which is by the way named as "End Of The World". This prediction again somewhat came true and its kind of spooky for us. How we wish some cure was also mentioned in the very same book.


Like we didn't see this one coming. Every person in many which ways have contributed in polluting this nature. And here is the pay back by the nature. A special astrologer in the USA, made this prediction telling about how the mother nature will be collapsing slowly one by one. Are we afraid for this? YESS! Are we doing anything about it? MAYBE NOT ! Within just 3 months of the year 2020 we have already seen uncertain natural disasters like forest fires, volcanoes erupting and earthquakes. Let's not make this prediction completely true.


How come only USA has such astrologers ? Indians are no behind. An Indian astrologer in Rajasthan predicted that our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will be re-elected. It does not end here, he even predicted how he will be re - elected once again after this tenure but will get retired after the third term and give his power in succession to someone younger. How we wish we are the ones who get this power. Let's wait for the time to see whether this prediction comes true.

USA And India's Close Partnership

We have seen all the memes and all the videos of the bond of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Narendra Modi. They say, like minded people get along and thats what just happened here. The same astrologer predicted a few years ago of how India and USA will form a strong bond. Now, we all are witness to this thing and can certainly say that this prediction is somewhat true. Be it Mr. Modi visiting USA a little more than a few times or Mr. Trump visiting India with his family and receiving such a grand welcome, sort of like how 'Ladkiwalas' greet the 'Ladkawalas' in an Indian wedding. Kudos for this prediction though!

World Will Become More Spiritual

As if its not right now, and even this will escalate. We all know how crazy people are going with their beliefs and not just in God but on so many living people as well. Now as predicted by another Astrologer in some village in South India, this will be taking a higher road now. As the astrologer said, people are going to get even further captured in this web and The world as a whole will become much more spiritual. Is it good or bad, we can't say!

Baba Vanga Predictions

This very infamous Baba Vanga is a Blind Bulgarian lady who has been predicting many facts since a long time. Few of her famous successful predictions were the 9/11, Tsunami in Thailand and Barack Obama becoming the president. After all the successful predictions many people started to believe in her completely. Many people and recognised organisations believe that Baba Vanga’s prophecies and predictions are pure fiction and nothing more whilst many can't seem to get over from her predictions and followed her blindly (literally), and we don't claim anyone being wrong or right. Certainly, before her death she predicted about the end of the world and how a World War will begin, Diseases will be caused and Natural Calamities will take place.

Contributed by- Arshia Kochar


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