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Last minute Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks

March 31, 2020

April Fools' Day is officially here, so are the pranks. Love them or hate them, they're inevitable. Now, it’s up to you if you’d be a prankster or the prankstee? And, if you’ve already been a prankstee, it’s time for you to be the doer! Plan out a sweet but swift revenge on a friend who just pranked you real good, it's never too late for a great piece of mischievousness. We’ve collected few simple, last-minute pranks that can be assembled just in time and, best of all, these can all be carried out with tools you already have at home.


Let’s start with the classic one, albeit messy, prank. toilet seat

Put a Rubber Band on the Sink Nozzle

This is another old classic that only takes a minute. Put a rubber band around the button of a hand-held kitchen sink nozzle. Whoever turns the faucet on next will get shot with water! kitchen

Change Google language to Klingon

Go to Google.com on the unsuspecting victim’s computer, click on “settings” and “search settings”. There is a drop-down menu next to “interface language” where you can go nuts. Klingon is the weirdest, but how about Icelandic or Hacker? google language

Glue coins (or anything valuable) to the ground

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and all it requires is a little super glue and some coins. You can modernize it by gluing something that seems even more valuable like fake cell phone, then sit back and watch the frustration ensue! conssss

Put on a Ridiculous Fake Tattoo and say it’s Real

What would your boyfriend or girlfriend say if they found out you got his/her name tattooed on your forehead? Or imagine what your boss would say if you came into work with a giant, offensive tat on your arm? If it looks convincing, you’ll get some interesting reactions. Make sure its not permanent :) tattoo

Put Masking Tape Over Computer Mouse Sensor

Frustrate one co-worker after another by making them think their computer is broken. mouse

Set Someone’s Clocks ahead a Few Hours

Change the main clock of your house or room, and wait until a family member, friend or roommate comes back from office - even on their phone - to read 2 or 3 hours ahead. Make sure you’re there when they are in a frenzy! clock

Set Someone's Desktop to a Screenshot

Take a picture of their desktop, set it as their wallpaper, and hide all their desktop icons. Watch as they click on the icons in total confusion. April fools day prank

Make Someone Think Their Car is Damaged

Apple has a great iPhone app called “Dude, Your Car!” which allows the user to photograph a friend’s car and then manipulate the image to have dings, scratches and dents. Send a few to your friends and see their frenzied reactions. Also works great if you’re borrowing someone else’s car tomorrow. car damage

Fake a Cake

Take a plastic bowl or cardboard box and cover it in frosting. Add decorations, and make it look like a real cake. You can either give it to an unsuspecting friend or place in the common area of an office or school with a note that says “Enjoy!” cake

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