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Mega Boxing – Season 1, Episode 3: The Big Game of Live Sports Entertainment!

August 27, 2019

“Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”, golden words shared by the legendary Muhammad Ali. If you have that kind of will that exudes passion and grit, which is urging release, Mega Boxing, India’s first non-league sports property is the place to be! 

The brainchild of Bare Knuckled Promotions - Mega Boxing brings Professional Boxing as a premium sporting entertainment entity, transcending as a one-stop destination where Talent meets Opportunity and Indian professional Boxing meets its International counterpart! 

’Tis The Season To Be ‘Mega’

The 1st season is electrifying…and the 3rd show is on its way to becoming ‘mega’ in the real sense! This one is bringing together the best of International Professional Boxing, Music, Entertainment, International boxers and referees and Technology into a uniquely packaged show for an exclusive live audience… in Vegas style!

Get, Set…. Game!

Get Set Go…. The championship is divided into three thrilling rounds- 

The Contender - College/University program where in the Boxers from different diverse backgrounds, battling it out towards becoming the next big boxer! What’s interesting is that The Contender is for the young amateur boxers who want to turn pro. So far, 200 boxers across 18 states have registered for the Program. Apart from Boxing, the student can participate in various activities - Music (Rap+Beat Boxing), Street Dance, Art & Fashion. Each of the Categories has a prize pool of Rs. 25,000/-

mega boxing

Last but not least, The Big Game! The Big Game is the showstopper of Mega Boxing, a Vegas Style Boxing Show. By the end of this level, India will have the Big Boxing Champion, set to fly around the globe!

This Isn’t It…

mega boxing

Do 6 Bouts, 12 Boxers at an International fight night sound worth your while? We certainly think so because that’s not all that you witness here…Get your hysteria gloves on for…

  • Fashion – Ring girls and Fashionistas.
  • Madame Tussaud’s – Get a selfie with Mary Kom…her life sized wax statue brought from Madame Tussaud’s, we mean!
  • Battle Of Words – A battle like never before! Live performances by renowned and upcoming Rap, Hip Hop and Beat Boxing artists.
  • Dance Battle – Witness a street dance battle, delving into dance styles such as B-Boying, Pop & Lock, Freestyle etc., can participate in!
  • Live Art Station – This station will have upcoming artists from all walks of life to make their art live on the ground. 

If there’s one place that will give you the right ‘punch’ of titillation, and leave you spellbound, it's The Fight Night at DLF Promenade-Emporio Courtyard, Vasant Kunj, 6pm - 10pm on the 21st of September 2019!

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