‘ Marriage ‘ Bitter Pill… Don’t Eat !!

I just had an argument with my husband. A number of thoughts are going on in my head. I feel like cusrisng. I feel humiliated, frustrated and the likes at the dissapointment of this after taste. I close my eyes. I take a deep breath. I haave heard that the number 11 has a special spiritual significance in Hindu mythology, so I decide to breathe in deeply 11 times. I do call upon God to help. I am in tears. I just feel plain sad now. I’m happy I’m crying as it feels exhilirating.
I feel calm. The wave of anger has passed. But me being me, the message needs to pass to my better half ( so that he can be better and I can be better too )
I don’t like the talk, so I write.
My letter for my Better to be the Better.

If I say that I am so blessed that we happened, it’s not because I feel it for a spur high of an excifed moment and say it .
It’s a feeling that is felt even in the highest highs and those days of low too.
And you know how I know this ? Because even after any argument I ask myself about you , and my answer is the same”No. I love him so much.”
I want you to remember, that never doubt my love for you.
Never doubt your importance in my life.
All is fine , if you never ever have this inkling of the anti- thought.. and nothing is even close to comparison of you or of us. You underestimate yourself or underestimate my love for you if you ever fear anything of the sort that I like someone else, because you may not be good enough, or someone else may seem seemingly good enough ( to you)

Yargumentsou are so important, that I can’t see you in angst and I can’t be in angst over us.
I like that we sleep in peace.
If you have to take the bitter pill because of me, then it’s a bad choice.  You may be used to not absolving a sititaion and keep locked certain thoughts & emotions and sleep with it or just okay something without actually being OK.But I can’t deal with this failure, of you having to do the same because of something that ensured between us.

Your losing your cool, your peace, your happiness or calmness because of me, is the last thing that I’d want .
So remember honey, love is not a fleeting feeling. Love hasn’t been born out of fear in our case.

I read this somewhere, “Where there is love , there is no fear.Where there is fear there is no love. Only the weaklings fear.”

It is true. The weak believe in the assumptions and the what if and the if.

The strong, successful believe in their own ability to make a relation or anything they do, they would make it a success and they believe that it will happen and know it so.

When we stumbled upon each other, we were on seperate journeys, with a different layer of baggage and neither of us really cared for what will be as both of us just wanted nothing to be .

It just so happened, we sat and opened our pack ( baggage ) and there were things then we realized we didn’t need and threw them away .

Anyways, if we only remember that our love is so strong that actually there is nothing close to it and that we should just thank god each day and moment for our blessings then we are good to be.


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