Making An Impression

Today I’ll begin by making an impression, yet again. A positive one! I tried yesterday too, somehow it worked in a different way. So today, I’ll try one more time…something different… some new impressions to make… some new lessons to learn… some life to affect in some way.
The last time I remember, I thought, I was simply perfect. I knew I did not have all the answers but I was always confident that I knew where to find the answers. I would scout for solutions at the most distant of places as well, if I had to…and of course, I had books I could consult. And then there were those well meaning associates and co-ordinates I could count on. Their support was more confusing than helping but they were there, if I needed them. 
Making An ImpressionNot that the questions were too daunting. Just simple questions but somehow, everywhere I looked all I saw were question marks. Initially, I was scared of all these question marks but sooner than I would’ve wanted, they overtook my life like an everlasting shadow. In the beginning I hoped it would be momentary and would last for a few months, maybe years. But the questions kept rising. With every new one rising against me, hissing like a giant snake, I would crush it with the best possible answer I would get, look at the defeated question, smirk, feel accomplished and turn around. And there…another one would rise, holding its hood towering over me. One by one, I would smash all the demons and stand on the highest pedestal of self-glory.

Till one day, I decided I did not need to do that any more. These demons would never die, I realized and there was no need for me to prove myself to them. All I ever needed to be was me. Not the best there was around, but the best version of me. That’s when the journey really began!
Now, all I ever worry about is making an impression. The best one I can. The best I can muster. Not because I want to be a winner and win laurels for myself but to be the best me I can be. Because, that’s what really matters. Because tomorrow no one will ask me how much I have accomplished but who I really am. So each day, I wake up with a sole thought to do something new… some new impressions to make… some new lessons to learn… some life to affect in some way.
Isn’t that what we need, really?
By: Kajal Kapur

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