5 Makeup Bag Essentials Every Girl Needs To Have This Season

It is that time of the year again when your hair decides to get its “frizz on”, your skin suddenly starts to look like a rugby field and your favourite flip flops have conveniently disappeared from the “choking-to-get-some-air shoe closet”. So while you silently mourn the loss of those cute little flip flops Maasi got for you last summer from her vilaiti holiday, we have decided to share a list of our  favourite beauty products with you, which may or may not help you to cheer up but it will definitely make you look that extra bit gorgeous this monsoon season. 

The Frizz-Buster

Makeup essentials

I think perhaps that the word ‘frizz’ was invented in India, in order to describe that suspicious extra-terrestrial activity going on above our heads each time the rains decided to visit our lovely, hara bhara land. But have no fear, because Grapeseed Glossing Serum by Bodyshop is here. This Holy Grail is your answer to all things frizzy and unruly. Its lightweight, smells yumyum, and instantly smoothens and makes hair naturally shiny. What else could a girl want, right? And although it may pinch your pocket a little, a small dollop goes a long way, so it should last you a good 4 months in the least.


Price: INR 995

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The Skin Pacifier

Makeup essentials

And that’s exactly what this product (personal guarantee) does. It pacifies, soothes, hydrates, softens and all that with the most natural smooth finish (although takes a few seconds for the stickiness to dry). Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Pure Aloe Vera Facial Gel is the perfect antidote to our humidity prone weather, and the monsoon pich-pich along with being the ideal base for makeup/war paint. I kept experimenting with one product after another in order to find that oil-free yet moisturizing cream/gel that would multi task like superman and once I found this baby, I have never looked back. So while you get ready to battle those dreadful floods this season, make sure you skin is well protected with this little genie in a bottle.


Price: INR 1250

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The Eye Specialist

Makeup essentials

So come monsoon (or thewedding season) and the waterworks, for us desi girls, begin. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you exhibit a pair of raccoon eyes to the world. And while there is a plethora of waterproof mascaras one can choose from these days, who is to say which one gives exceptional results? Errrr. That would be ME. So without spending an exorbitant amount, you can still look like Holly Golightly, with Maybelline’s Hypercurl Volum Express waterproof mascara. Its long lasting, waterproof formula works harder than your average juice mixer in the kitchen in order to give you flake free, smudge proof, thick lashes which will make you the envy of all the girls in your squad.


Price: INR 300

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The Cheeky Blender

Makeup essentialsApplying foundation has become human photoshopping these days, what with contouring, tontouring, and strobing being the latest beauty buzz. And if you think I’m speaking Greek right now: Girl, Where Have You Been? Getting this latest trend bang on is no easy feat either. Unless of course you are a professional makeup artist or wake up every morning looking like Deepika Padukone. But having said that, the work does become thousand times easier if you own the Nyx Wonder Highlight/Contour Stick. It adds structure and definition and has a nice creamy texture, although a little warning if you are going to head out into the rains: Post contouring, make sure to dab on some translucent powder to make the product stay.


Price: INR 1644

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The Kiss and Tell

Makeup essentials There is something about Mac’s Relentlessly Red in Retro Matt finish. I don’t know if it’s the rich, popping color or the pigmented, waterproof texture of the lipstick, but it definitely is your must have this season. It literally hugs your lips, gives instant plumpness and stays on like a dream for upto …umm…infinity? (Insert confidential side note – I had to remove it with a cleansing milk at the end of the day since it was still sitting pretty 10 hours post application!) The other awesome quality of this product is that it miraculously works for all skin tones and gives you an instant lift-me-up on your dullest day. If lipsticks were edible, I’d certainly eat this one right out of my hands.


Price: INR 1450

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