Make your life easy and be happy


August 15, 2016

When we look at our lives it should become odd and also somehow funny.

We study in universities, we build houses over many years – simply to pay it back to banks including some interest, we develop bigger cars, we build huge grocery stores, create big malls to shop, the school systems become really complicated with a lot of variety for the kids, we have so many different and high luxury brands to choose the best clothes, we have many big office buildings and we have plenty of restaurants and delivery services for everything. We have TV 24/7, we are online almost 24/7 and connect with our friends or make new friends online.

So when I look at all these developments, observing the happiness of people, I do not find them happier. Actually its vice versa.

Happy LifeThey work harder, longer, they drive miles and miles for their work or they get stuck in traffic jams for hours, they communicate with their kids more online than at home, they hardly spend time with their spouse because of different work timings, they are exhausted, they do not know themselves anymore, many people are depressed. They sit depressed on Sundays at home or laying in bed. Unable to get up. Tired from the life they lead. Unable to do something with meaning because they are just too tired, completely done from the whole week. Exhausted from spending every day 9 hours minimum in the office, quickly eating their fast-food at their office desk, being always available on the phone for everybody and at any time. Answering all incoming message and emails within few minutes. Its exhausting!

Because of the lack of movement we human beings gradually become unhealthy, even sick. So thanks to the universe- the pharma industry understood business-wise many things and invented not even more diseases artificially (like making high cholesterol a disease) but also managed to have pills against having a cold, headache, feeling of depression as well as for potency, sleeping..... everything. Let me give you that simple example: Viagra. Artificial potency pill for the man, since men can become easily impotent thru stress. Women can become infertile because of the same.

Happy Life with kidsBut regardless of all of that, people work harder to earn more recognition and more money. More money to spend on costly clothes. To pamper themselves, to feel the person is somebody! Also for more food – in order to work hard they treat themselves “nicely” with food and alcoholic drinks as an appreciation. Not to forget to spend money now also for the tuition teachers for the kids because they don't have time to support in their studies on their own and the kids suffer. And many other things....

Also one of that outcome is to become fat, too. Unattractive – and unattractiveness would be easy to handle if we are still successful in business. But nowadays attractiveness counts in business a lot. Not only women have to look great, but men also. The better in shape the better deals you get – or so the understanding. Actually it makes sense, from the perspective of psychology, but this would go too far right now. So another stress factor came up. Not only sick, unhealthy, unfit (to even climb up the stairs) but also busy now in losing those kilos which we gained while pampering ourselves so greatly. What an irony- it costs double. Buying it and getting rid of it again (in gyms, personal trainer, coaches, anti- stress farms, doctors, nutritionists, home machines, and so forth).

Funny, isn’t it!

ChangeWe spent millions of rupees to create better and smarter systems. To make our life easier. That was the idea at that time, so that we can spend more time for other things – whatever it actually meant, because when people have time they don’t know what to do with themselves and that free time.

And instead of doing so, to live a far easier life, we made it so far more complex and difficult, actually much harder.

Working longer, no idea who we are anymore, who the person next to us really is, what we want from our life, how our kids are and what they really think and what questions they have.

I want to share some other style of life with you, which I observed.

People in Thailand, not all of them - some of them do rice farming. They told me they do this for only 2 months in the whole year, the rest of the year – 10 months- they spend time with themselves, with their families and friends and thus they think about themselves in their free time. They try to understand who they are. They have great friendships and relationships with their family members.

They have enough to eat, even more, they sell what they can not eat on their own. Also they build houses on their own. They do not need to pay any loan back to a bank, they create beautiful houses on their own.

And guess what I have seen there too!? I saw really happy people and they told me they live life very easily.

So my friend, what you understand now out of this text I wrote for you is up to you. My appeal is to ask yourself if you are happy with the life you lead or what you could do TODAY to change it to become happier and your life easier and more enjoyable.

Much LOVE,

Jasmin Waldmann


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