Adhere To The Luggage Weight Limit in Trains….Or pay 6 Times More!

Air travel has always been rather strict with luggage weight limits, and now the Indian Railways is catching up, in response to several complaints about extra luggage being stored on trains. There always is that annoying passenger who takes up all the luggage space! Find out the details below:

The rules state that passengers travelling in the sleeper and secondary classes can carry up to 40 kg and 35 kg respectively, with 10 kg each of marginal allowance. After payment, the maximum luggage that can be carried in these is 80 kg and 70 kg respectively.

luggage weight limit

AC first class passengers can carry up to 70 kg luggage, with a 15 kg margin, and a maximum of 150 kg after payment. For AC II tier and AC III tier, this limit is 50 kg and 40 kg respectively, each with a 10 kg marginal allowance, and maximum of 100kg and 40 kg respectively.

For carrying luggage over this limit, passengers need to pay for it at the parcel office, following which the excess luggage can be put into the luggage carriage. The luggage also needs to adhere to the dimensions prescribed – 100 cm x 60 cm x 25 cm. If dimensions exceed these, the luggage needs to be paid for and put into the luggage carriage.

weight limit in trains

If caught with luggage over the specified limit, a passenger would have to pay six times the amount for carrying extra luggage, as fine.

To carry extra luggage, passengers have to pay a fee of 1.5 times the luggage rate on their ticket.

These rules are well over 30 years old but are being enforced rather strictly now. So, it is advisable to stay well within the limits or pay for the extra kilos to avoid a hefty fine! Travel light, peeps!




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