Je t’aime, Te amo, Ich liebe dich, all mean one and the same, i.e. I love you. These three words in today’s times are being used so often, as if it’s just another daily routine to do, such as eating, breathing, or even going to the loo. Well, what is love in the first place? And my question is why has it become so casual a word, which has lost its actual definition and meaning. For me as a young girl, love meant family. As I grew up, I realized it actually had varied meanings for many.


Yes, I know now we are not in the ‘DDLJ’ era, when in 1990’s, love was what Shah Rukh Khan’s and Kajol’s character Raj and Simran portrayed on screen. I am talking about that sweet filmy romance, where a guy and a girl smiled while looking at each other from a distance, or when the girl blushed and felt shy, when the guy looked into her eyes or even touched her hand. Was this love? Well, let’s come back to 2016. An era where everybody is busy in their own lives, but yes they do not forget saying I love you at the end of the day, even if they don’t really mean it! ‘I love you for being such a good friend’, ‘I love you for doing this work for me’, ‘I love you for being by my side’, ‘I love you because I want to spend my life with you’, ‘I love you because I know you love me too’… Wait… What?! Now let me make the corrections, ‘I love you because I have just had a break up (so I need somebody right now to do time pass with, right?), ‘I love you because I want somebody to love me back too’ , ‘I love you because I am still searching for the perfect one (so I need somebody right now at least)’, ‘I love you so that I can tell my friends that I have a boyfriend too’, ‘I love you because life is too boring now, so please make it exciting and interesting (if you know what I mean)’. This is love 2016!


So what do we do now? Should we keep trusting ‘that one’? Or should we ourselves get into the same bunch, because we should live in Rome as Roman’s do! Let me not be on a single track. Yes there are many, yes many, for whom the definition of true love hasn’t changed. If they say I love you, they really mean they do. But again, let’s not deny the fact, that in today’s day and age, this is not the general trend. 20’s – 30’s, is the prime time for many young adults to prosper, get a job, make money, and be successful. Faced with a ‘mid-life’ crisis syndrome, where they feel ‘locked’ into their lives, making love not their priority may seem not a bad option after all, because in love everything becomes emotional, sentimental and its ‘Masti ka THE END’ for them!

However, no matter how practical we try to become and leave our emotional side at one end, somewhere, deep down in our heart, there is a Raj who wants his Simran to ‘palat’ for him, and there is a Simran, who wants her Raj waiting for her to ‘palat’! So should we ‘De je t’aime’ (Say I love you) or ‘Ne dis jamais je t’aime’ (Never say I love you)? Well, I leave that to you! 😉


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Sanjana Arora

A Gemini with a combination of confidence, eloquence, wit and charm; an MBA in marketing with a passion for creativity and innovation. I love to talk to gather ideas and information, and not to simply fill empty spaces of silence. I believe that life is full of surprises, so you may as well get used to it!


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