Little things that you can do this New Year to feel fresh!!

The “ New Year , New Me” phrase has been majorly overused in recent times and has kind of become a cliche in reality. Nevertheless, out of all the resolutions, one could have thought of for this year, here’s a list of things…tiny, small little things which you can do for yourself to break the chain of boredom and above all feel alive.

Bring out the kid in you

new year resolutions


To start things off, no matter what age you are there is and will always be an inner kid to your personality. That inner-self is exactly what needs to come out in the open whenever possible this year. Watch your favorite cartoon, get a tub of popcorn and do a movie marathon, get your remote control cars out and take it for a ride! Relive your childhood memories to take a break from the mundane.

The ‘Me’ time

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We live in such an era where one seemingly can’t afford to spend some alone time without any social or other interferences. Make sure in this year that changes. Sit alone in your room and maybe contemplate your next move, read a book, put on some EDM and dance to yourself or just plain and simple take a nap.


Health- Your New BAE

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No, you will not be lectured on having a proper diet chart and restrictions on those yummy pizzas. In 2016, eat whatever the hell you want to! But make it a point to do something which will be of help to your health and metabolism. This could be in the form of cardio exercises, going to the gym etc. The best way to stay fit though, will always be in indulging yourself in any physical sport. BUT DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

Say No to ‘Brick-batting’

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Whatever has gone wrong in your life, failed relationships to bad grades..anything and everything should not make you blame yourself and undermine your value. Learn from these mistakes and believe in yourself, your credentials and capabilities to make the future bright and shiny. There is no point in pondering over what was and what could have been.


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Be content and grateful for what you already have in life. Enjoy the little things life has to offer, and make the most out of it. By being content though you really shouldn’t stop dreaming about that red kick-ass Ferrari you’ve always wanted in your garage! Strive and work hard till your dreams come true.


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It says it all. Smile, laugh freely and loosen the burden on yourself. In reality the world is going to give you a hundred reasons to feel sad and miserable, but it’s up to you to find that one reason to be happy and smile! This in itself will enhance your personality. So what are you waiting for?



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This certain group of people we refer to as friends are actually the ones who make life easy and helps us to grow as individuals. Hold on to all your old friends, and go ahead socialize and make new acquaintances.

Accept yourself

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Realize the flaws in you and make a complete plan to erase these. It will be a bit hard at first and it’ll take some time too, but it will surely be worth the effort. Try living up to the saying – “new year, new me” and repackage yourself in any way you feel legit.

Go easy

new year resolutions

Hey! Stop worrying too much, life eventually falls into place for everyone.

Follow…Not people, Blogs! 

new year resolutions

Go ahead follow our blogs, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Happy 2019 folks!


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