How to get away with little workout

How to get away with little exercise and dieting !

For people living the fast paced lifestyle these days, it would be more than apt to just forget about always striving for that perfect lifestyle. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to not lead a healthy life at all. When low on time and energy, “good enough” will still do a world of good for you – both mentally and physically. There is no hard and fast rule about working out, exercising or dieting. All of it depends completely on an individual’s metabolism and ability to cope with the workout regime and daily chores.

Here’s a shortlist of all the things which will help in keeping you fit…even without putting in hours on the treadmill or eating in accordance to a written down chart!

Fruits and Veggies

fruits and veggies less workout
In an ideal world, 9-10 portions of fruits or veggies would be ideal to establish a strict barrier against health disorders and problems. Since that is far-fetched, it’s advisable to at least go for seasonal fruits or vegetables. Vegetables are more preferred though, as they have more anti-oxidants.

Steamed or raw it doesn’t really make much of a difference as long as there is some “natural colour” present in every single one of your meals.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I’m certain for it to be something kind of easy for you to do…right?

Sumptuous & healthy breakfast

less workout
One of the most telling issues, health wise nowadays is the fact that almost half the population skips their breakfast – which for the record is considered to be the most important meal of the day, across the world.

What’s worse is the fact that a recent study revealed how most students are seen going to school on an empty stomach.

After you wake up in the morning, something or the other HAS to go into your tummy. It may be anything from scrambled eggs to a banana, absolutely anything. A meal in the morning is especially needed to maintain a healthy body weight, acquire energy and nutrients which in turn will fuel your morning.

Drinking water

drinking water less workout


Water accounts for 60% of our body weight and performs crucial roles such as carrying nutrients and waste between our major organs, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints and acting as a shock absorber. It is suggested by doctors all over to drink two glasses of water right after waking up, which is when the body is most dehydrated. Through rest of the day any kind of fluid is more than welcome, it all adds up to the prescribed water intake per day eventually – two litres a day.

Oily fish

oily fish less workout
Fish is a low calorie source of protein and oily fish such as salmon and fresh tuna are high in omega 3 fatty acids which helps to keep the heart healthy and also provides Vitamin D.

While at first glance, the prospect of having a portion of fish…that too an oily one, once every week is not tempting at all, it’ll help in your body’s overall growth and up-keep eventually. For people who won’t even come close to a fish, it’ suggested for them to have other food which is rich in omega 3 – Flaxseed oil, walnuts et al.


exercise less workout
Establishing a fixed routine, and devoting some time in a day…everyday should be just enough to get you health right up there. You don’t need fancy gyms or hi-tech equipments to be more active. Even if you refrain or don’t get time to exercise, walking some distance everyday shall work equally well.

Online tutorials can be followed too, on a 20-30 minute workout regime. But regardless of whatever it is that you choose to do, something should be done everyday to get your heart pumping.

SleepEclipse Home sleep less workout

Ideally a seven to eight hour sleep is perfect for us individuals, but there are quite many who can’t afford to get more than seven hours of sleep.

Due to such lifestyle and work constraints it seems more legit to focus on the quality of sleep rather than quantity. Interrupted sleep is as bad as getting just four hours.


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