A List Of Essentials You Need To Carry While Trekking In Monsoons

Travel to a place, and rain spoils all your trekking plans. Well, nothing can be more annoying. That’s why the cliche – don’t discount the weather in your planning – holds a great importance.

But don’t worry travel junkies. Nature appears the best in rains and there is a lot for you to explore. We are there to help you pack your rucksack so that you can enjoy the most while trekking in monsoon. Here is a list of necessities that should accompany you:

Monsoon and umbrella go hand in hand


Credits: Travel and LeisureWhat about water-resistant duffle: 

Of course, it goes without saying that umbrella or rain-coat has to be there. A rain-coat may be a better option over umbrella if you are planning to hike.

What about water-resistant duffle?

Monsoon mantra stands, “Carry the least to enjoy the most”. Take a handy and durable bag, which is ideally water resistant. Multiple pockets and chambers inside the duffle are more than useful.

No trip is complete without selfies

ziplock bag

You can’t forget to add waterproof phone pouches to your kitty if you want to have a good time without leaving your phone behind. Seal your phone in a ziplock bag and forget the tension of water damaging it.

Pick your clothes smartly



It’s important not just to take fewer apparels to keep the luggage compact, but also stuffing them smartly. Quick drying cotton-polyester knitted clothes are the top picks, any day. Roads can turn really sludgy, so its advisable to avoid wearing light-coloured dresses.

Try keeping your feet dry or cold is gonna chase you

Credits: Femina

Either wear rainproof boots or try to slip in the open shoes

Don’t forget to carry medicines. And while you’re travelling choose not to binge on street food. An hair-dyer or a mini-iron can be of great help to dry your clothes. And if you’re an avid traveller, no one would know the importance of a power bank and a travel pillow more than you.

Don’t let the monsoon be a setback to your excursion pangs. Delhi peeps beat the rain demons and travel.



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