Bet you didn’t know these 10 Famous people were Ambidextrous

Ambidexterity is defined as the ability to use both hands with equal amount of skill. It can also mean the ability to use both hands at the same time(remember virus from 3 idiots!) according to research only 1% of the worlds population is ambidextrous. Thus making it quite a rare ability to posses.

But it’s quite surprising to note that few well-known celebrities and historical figures were Ambidextrous too. We bring you a list of 10 people you may or might not have known to be ambidextrous.

Albert Einstein:

List of Famous Ambidextrous People

Enough is known about this ultra-genius who’s theory of general relativity and the famous e=mc^2 has been the staple feature of numerous research and science-fiction endeavors. But a little known fact about Einstein is that he could write with both hands. However, he preferred to use his right hand in public (culture maybe!)

LeBron James:

List of Famous Ambidextrous People

This basketball legend shoots equally well with his right and left hands. He has also been seen signing autographs with both his left and right hand

Benjamin Franklin:

List of Famous Ambidextrous PeopleAll  you trivia and quizzing enthusiasts might have read that this Founding father of America signed the declaration of Independence with his left hand.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

Famous Ambidextrous People

Being ambidextrous was one of the many talents this florentine artist possessed. Leonardo da Vinci used both of his hands when creating art, as he injured his dominant right hand during childhood.

Nikola Tesla:

Famous Ambidextrous People

The inventor of AC current and the man who gave the world such efficiently designed and reliable electric motors that Tesla’s designs are being used even today. Nikola Tesla wrote about being ambidextrous in his autobiography. He stated, “I am ambidextrous now, but then I was left-handed and had comparatively little strength in my right arm.”

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Famous Ambidextrous People

Although not with his hands, this guy has carved a niche for himself in the world of football with the breathtaking skill he exhibits with both his feet. Ronaldo was born right footed, but he trained himself to be an ambidextrous two-footed soccer player. He is regarded as the most highly skilled player with regards to his foot-work and dribbling skills

Maria Sharapova:

Famous Ambidextrous PeopleRegarded as a righty, the internet is filled with videos showing how skillfully Sharapova can use her left hand too; often to score the winning point in a game. She is naturally left handed, but her coach taught her how to play with her right hand at an early age.

Sachin Tendulkar:

Famous Ambidextrous People

Sachin is ambidextrous. He bats with his right hand but signs autographs and  plays table tennis with his left. The little master never ceases to amaze.

Sourav Ganguly:

List of Famous Ambidextrous People

Every cricket fan who’s watched him play would know that Dada uses his right hand for writing and bowls with the right hand too, but bats with his left hand.

Ronnie O’Sullivan:

list of Famous Ambidextrous People

This 5-time World Snooker Champion is nicknamed ‘The Magician’. Youtube is flooded with videos of ‘miracle shots’ and ‘impossible shots’ this Englishman plays with relative ease. He is right-handed but can play to a very high standard with his left hand and routinely alternates where needed.

So these were 10 famous people who are equally skilled with both their hands. Feel like we missed out on someone? Do let us know in the comments below!


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