Lighthouses In India That Have Become Popular Tourist Attractions

Lighthouses play a major role in boosting the tourism of a country. The joy of climbing the curvy stairs of a lighthouse to get the best views of the sea is a feeling unmatched. India boasts of a rich coastal line and hence there are many lighthouses which help in the navigation of ships. At the same time, due to advent of technology, there are many lighthouses that have stopped operating and are open for the purpose of tourism. We tell you about some of the popular lighthouses in the country which have put India on the map of Lighthouse Tourism.

Kaup Beach Lighthouse


Kaup Beach is a popular beach in Udupi and amdist the beautiful sea shore stands a magnanimous lighthouse. Once you pay the entry fee at the bottom of the lighthouse, you can begin your climb to the top. After climbing 100 stairs, you are greeted with amazing views of the Kaup Beach.

Fort Aguada Lighthouse


Fort Aguada Lighthouse in Goa is a perfect example of the Portuguese architecture and is a major attraction at Sinquerim Beach. The well preserved Lighthouse is a beautiful spot for photography.

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse

mahabalipuram lighthouse

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse was constructed in 1887 during the Colonial rule in our country. The lighthouse is non-functional today but is still open to public and is a prime example of the far-sightedness which the kings possessed during that time.

Thangasserri Lighthouse


This Lighthouse in Kollam was built by the Britishers and is one of the top-attraction at Thangasseri Beach. Thangasseri Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Kerala and provides interesting views to the visitors.

Dwarka Lighthouse


Constructed in the 19th century, Dwarka Lighthouse was constructed in the 19th century and is built in a black and white cubical structure. Once the sun sets down, the lighthouse looks more splendid.

Visit any of these lighthouses to travel back in time and to get unprecedented views of the sea.


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