Role of A Life Coach to achieve Positive Lifestyle Changes

When we love what we do, it is a joy to do it. In fact we don’t mind doing it over and over again. The reason is that our desire and passion for the task fuels our enthusiasm and energy, motivating us to give in our very best in our lifestyle..

And a committed, persistent effort in any direction always produces inspired results. In fact the more we practice, the more we perfect the art and enhance our creativity, leading to increased self awareness and personal growth.

Leveraging our personal energy is therefore the critical factor in inducing and enhancing our personal creativity to bring about the required positive transformation in our life.


Personal energy is however greatly dependent on, and influenced by the general lifestyle, as manifested by one’s overall outlook to life and worldview. Essentially, a person’s lifestyle refers to how the person lives his life and functions on a daily basis, in relation to his personal values, habits, desires, activities, behavioral tendencies, other people, and the general environment.

A positive lifestyle thus suggests a good balance of the mind, body, spirit, talents, resources, and overall well-being, especially in the context of relationships, work, and family.

This balanced state of mind and being, is essentially what coaching seeks to deliver in the long run. And achieving this balanced state becomes particularly significant for people in leadership positions or other positions of influence, wherein they have the opportunity to impact the lives of many others around them.

In every practical coaching process, there is the unquestionable desire of both the coach and the client to raise the personal energy level in such a manner, which would facilitate a more positive and empowered lifestyle for the client (coachee).

Hence the primary goal of every good Life Coach is to help the client discover their true selves, including their strenghts and weaknesses and create a lifestyle plan best suited to their individual profile.

A great coach has to help the coachee by enabling him/her to view a wide range of perspectives and available options and the freedom to make the choice. The coachee then can make an empowered choice about what he/she doesn’t want anymore and sometimes even reject previously selected options.

Life coaching is therefore about providing the transformational support to make the desired lifestyle changes and even replace or eliminate parts, which do not serve the growth process anymore.

Naturally, people are resistant to change – it is a natural instinct / reaction. Being challenged feels difficult and uncomfortable, especially when the outcome is not certain. But in the end, it is an indispensable part of any transformational process.

And once you take the first tentative step, the road ahead begins to get more exciting and interesting, especially if you have somebody knowledgeable next to you, as a support team.

The Coachee soon gets a boost of renewed personal enthusiasm and energy.

There is never a need to compel or force any kind of personal transformation – it is a pure outcome and side effect of the overall process. Hence the outcome of any Life Coaching process essentially depends on the level of connect between Coach and Coachee, including the Coach asking the right questions to the Coachee. The client doesn’t need any tips or advice on the journey to discover oneself. What is need is the right guidance and unwavering support in the face of all upcoming obstacles or challenges.

Transformation of the mind, body and subsequently life comes about automatically, if we are able to build the required trust and courage in the individual, to empower him to embark upon the journey towards the “New Me“.

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